Penis pictures

…can be found in a variety of places across the internet. But not here.

Maybe you can rec this post and we can see how many people we can fool into clicking on this.

P.S. Apparently is the place where young ladies post faceless nudes pictures of themselves for karma points.

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0 thoughts on “Penis pictures

  1. I was so totally going to come on here and just make jokes about how gross the “Pee-Pee” looks.
    But now I cant.
    :( Dissapointed.
    But, on the otherhand.

    I still laughed :’)

  2. this explains the reason about you wondering why you don’t get the “you’re hot” comments on okcupid or in real life, because your xanga audience has seen you practically naked, while the others haven’t. to solve this dilemma, you know what to do lol

  3. @roxics – true. I like being teased. I usually requested guys show me a pic of them wearing a dress shirt and tie than naked pics. it works the opposite for guys. I find more sex appeal from guys wearing layered clothing that I can imagine naked than guys that wear tank tops to show off their body.

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