Palm Pre

Today I bought a Palm Pre. I’m still getting used to it. Quality wise the phone itself feels cheap. It’s slippery and a little difficult to open with one hand. I’m also not liking the physical keyboard. Something I thought would be a benefit. I know it’s basically the same keyboard as I’ve been using on my Centro for the last two years. But because I have to slide it open that makes it a pain. It’s also troublesome when I’m browsing the web in landscape mode and have to type something. Then I have to flip back to portrait mode and slide open the phone. I’m going to try to get the virtual keyboard on this thing as soon as possible.

The WebOS is nice. But I was having some difficulty with it earlier because of all the gestures it uses. I was setting things off I didn’t want to set off. That was getting annoying. I guess that’s kind of the plague of all touch screen phones in some way.

I also had the phone freeze up on me completely during the initial setup. I had to pull the battery because even the off button didn’t work. Since then I haven’t had that problem.

By this morning I was ready to take the phone in on the 11th and exchange it for the HTC Hero when that comes out. I’m still thinking about it. So I have 12 days to keep playing with the Pre and see if it grows on me.

I know with all of these things there is a little bit of time where you have to “get used to it”.

I think I just got my hopes up too high. I’m starting to feel the same way about the Hero. After doing even more research it seems like the Hero is no bag of joy either. I guess the reality is that both WebOS and Android are still “works in progress” and I should realize that. I’m sure both these platforms are really going to kick ass in two years time.

So it’s a waiting game more then anything. More like a bet. Right now neither phone is incredible. So rather then buying a phone that is everything I want right now, I’m pretty much stuck deciding which one of these two phones is going to best suit me six months to a year from now.

I guess I’m just feeling a certain sobering effect right now.

But I did discover something cool. Both the Pre and Centro use the same battery. So by default I now have an extra battery for my Pre. From the sound of it, I’m going to need it.

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