Package Enhancement

Lol the things you find on the internet.

I like what they are going for. But damn those prices! That’s my only complaint. Women can walk into walmart and buy panties for $3-4 in a variety of styles and colors. Guys have to go online and spent $25 for a single pair. Sure you could make the Victorias Secret argument.

Don’t get hard in these gentleman.

This is just makes further want to develop a line of clothing for men. Stuff that is sexy, masculine and functional. Without being pricey or extreme in style but at the same time, breaking norms in mens fashion.

Now these are actually pretty cool:

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  1. Well…that domain name says it all   I didn’t click the link but from your description I have plenty to imagine, lol.

    You should design clothing for guys that is cool, functional, and affordable.  Plenty of us would buy it for our guys!

  2. @firetyger – Well the hope is that guys would buy it for themselves. But then, the problem with mens fashion is that guys don’t go out of their way for it. It has to be in a store close at hand. Guys are fashion sensitive, but only so far. 

    You got me thinking though. I’m kind of curious if there are any statistics out there that show roughly how many guys buy clothes online. I’d like to see that comparison next to females and next to retail sales.
    To be honest, I don;t think I’ve ever bought clothes online. At least that I can remember. There are just certain things you buy in person from a store. Clothes, soap, shoes, incense. Although I’m seriously considering pulling the trigger on some hand made bar soaps off of etzy.
    BTW that link isn’t that bad. If you don’t mind guys in slinky underwear that is.  

  3. @roxics – I brought up me buying for my husband because I’ve noticed that when it comes to couples…it’s usually the gf/fiancee/wifey who does all the clothes shopping.  Getting my husband to go out and buy his own clothes is like pulling teeth

    My hubby did say he’d prefer buying his clothes online compared to going to the store though.

  4. I just looked on ebay for cocksox to check the price differences since I’ve bought a few naughty things for women from ebay, and saw some for $15.99 with free shipping, so you save some money. it is pricey because they might not order that much inventory due to the demand not being as high as female lingerie, so they buy less and have to sell it for more in order to profit. I paid attention in economics class Lol men should order those to wear for the booty contest

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