Ordered a Riva.

Well it’s been 23 days since I’ve had a real cigarette. I’ve been vaping on my e-cig the whole time, but my supplies are getting low. So I ordered one of these:

A 510 Riva in black.
Along with some of these:


 Black empty 510 low resistance cartomizers.

And some Tasty Vapors tobacco liquid which I don’t have a picture of.
Enough stuff to hopefully last me till the end of the year.
It should be here tomorrow. I’m geeked. I want to try a Riva. The battery life is supposed to be awesome.

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  1. @macphoto – Helps? In my opinion it’s so much better than actually smoking an analog cigarette. Better flavors, I can breath so much better and I can do it anywhere. It works really well for me but it doesn’t work for everyone. Even so most people who use them that can’t cut out smoking completely usually cut down how much they smoke. These things are no joke.

    @aotolife – Yeah a Riva is a e-cigarette or more accurately called a personal vaporizer. It’s bigger than a standard 510 but it’s battery also lasts about 4 times as long. It uses all 510 parts though. So it’s nicely interchangeable. The 510 being the most popular e-cig on the market. But the eGo or Riva (basically the same thing, two different manufacturers) are now gaining huge popularity because they last longer before recharges. 

  2. @macphoto – Honestly I’d do a little more research first. There is a lot to learn with e-cigs. A Riva or eGo is more like a moderate vapers (people who vape) e-cig. For someone who knows more about what they’re doing. Someone like myself who mostly uses a drip tip on an atomizer and sometimes cartomizers.

    http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com is filled with a ton of info. A huge community of vapers.

    Just don’t buy any of those pieces of shit from the mall that are $150. Or even stuff from smoke shops since people who run smokes shops typically have no idea what an e-cig really is. They just buy the cheapest crap out there and mark it up really high because it’s “electronic.” So you have to buy online from reputable dealers.

    510’s and KR808D-1 models are really popular for newbies and leave a lot of room for evolving into the hobby. Especially the 510 with cartomizers.

    But if you do want to go with a Riva, Liberty-flights.com has the greatest prices available $33 shipped for a two battery riva starter kit. But they’re out of stock right now. They say they’ll have more in in a week or two. But they sell really really fast. So you have to jump on it.

    This video is a great video for people just starting out:

  3. @macphoto – Yeah no problem. You can also check out the video I posted on here (xanga) in my video section called “Intro to e-cigs.” It’s only maybe a month or two old so the info is pretty up to date. 

  4. @callist0 – No they don’t. If you can smell anything it’s usually a mild sweetness in the air. But very faint. It also depends on the juice you’re vaping. But the scent (if any) is nothing that would upset nonsmokers.

  5. @callist0 – No it’s actually wayyy more fun and a lot better for you. You can get juice in every flavor under the sun and real cigarettes taste like garbage once you switch. I was a smoker for nearly 16 years. This is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.  

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