Opinions Needed

So we changed the default theme for SocialMore.com. The old one was cool and we got several people tell us how nice it was. But we also had a few people tell us it reminded them of facebook. It was cold and corporate looking. So we wanted something a little more fun.

Please also click the “read more” link at the top of the site to see what the profiles look like.

Just note that there are several elements missing since the site is not live yet. For instance when the site goes live the front page will be replaced by a live feed of new updates from everyone. 

Anyway, what do you think of the new theme?

P.S. if you view the site in Internet Explorer you will not see the rounded corners. We’ve made an active choice not to support anything less than IE9 because Internet Explorer is just a horrible browser.

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0 thoughts on “Opinions Needed

  1. I was told once in a journalism class that I took for websites you should always start with the most important and/or eye-catching feature then zig-zag your way down the page.  (That is typically how people read a website)  Perhaps you should in the top left corner have a “Social More” symbol with a catchy tagline? 

  2. Wow it looks nice.  I don’t remember it making a big impression on me last time…  Also you have that “dislike” button that everyone on FBook half-jokingly demands.  Props for that.

  3. @anaraug – Yeah our Smile and Frown buttons don’t act the same as they do of Facebook. The “Like” button on facebook isn’t just a way of saying you like something, it’s also used to recommend it. Whereas on SocialMore the smile and frown are just expressions. To recommend something you actually have to hit the “rec it” button. Once you do you’re presented with your “friends groups” and you can choose which group you want to recommend it to.

    @Dance_4_Life200 – Awesome. I hope you do. We’re really working to make it something people enjoy.

    @AmeliaHart – We’re considering a symbol. But our goal is not to overpower with the site design, because the focus is really on your content. We just want the color scheme to be light harted enough that you don’t feel depressed using it. lol

    @Candilicious_Meanie – Definitely. I wish I could open the doors to you now. But these things take time. So I hope you’re impressed when they do open. It’s going to be pretty kick-ass.

  4. @untilthewindcarriesme – 

    The old theme was similar to facebook. This new one is not. Believe me this site has way more than just blogging. Though the blogging feature is pretty nice and is going to get even better as time goes on. But Socialmore not just a blogging site. It’s more like a new web platform. There are a lot of innovative ideas going into this.

  5. It looks good. You said – “You rent use of our site for your content / networking in return for us showing you a few non-annoying ads.” Is this site free or do you have to pay to use it?

  6. Deleted my last message to musterio99 because I gave away a little too much information. ;) But yes for most users it’s free. Premium costs extra.

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