Open Letter to the Future

I have written before about my support for a race of human level conscious robots. However after further consideration I have come into the notion that such a race would be an unwise move.
The creation of such a race would serve no great purpose to mankind other than to stroke our own ego in saying that we can create such a race.
Should these machines be as humans then we would need to endow them with the same rights we endow to humanity.
The result of such a thing would find us at an impasse. We would have created them just to create them and there they would be. Why build something that serves no purpose to us?

Should we create such a race so as to be the slaves of man, we would find humanity crippled at their servitude. We would soon find ourselves unable to fend for ourselves within a generation or two. The human race would dwindle slowly under its own creation.

It has always been the skilled working mass that has ruled the earth. Revolutions have proven this.
It would be unwise of you to leave such a skilled mass of working slave robots the keys to a revolution and thus the keys to the planet.

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  1. I’m actually of the belief that research into AI should not only continue, it should be dramatically increased.  If man is to fade into the shadow of his own creation, so be it:  pushing the envelope of science can’t be curtailed just because we’re afraid of a little natural selection. 

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