Oh my God Canon!


Dear Canon
I’m not sure if you realize it yet or not, but by releasing your 7D camera today, you are going to completely rock the low budget movie industry. Even Hollywood professionals were beginning to check out your 5D mark II camera, but it only did 30p (30 frames per second) and lacked the essential 24p (24 frames per second) that makes movies suspend the audiences disbelief. People have been fighting with work arounds and conversions of 30p to 24p on that camera. This new 7D which is $1000 cheaper ($1699) includes 24p recording and is going to make every indie filmmaker (myself included) drool. You don’t know how long we’ve all been waiting for a camera like this. I’ve been waiting 16 years myself. Now you’ve done it. You fucking rock!

*jumps around in excitement*

Just look at the quality of this video
That’s not even the best this camera will be able to do.

Hitler is not happy.

Here is a video of the Canon 5DmkII.

You can see the quality of the image is there. Beautiful looking. But because the 5DmkII only does 30p it has a very video-ish soap opera kinda look to it. If this were shot in 24p (like the new 7D does) it would feel more like a movie.

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