Nudity. What’s the big deal?

When I posted nude pics up here on xanga I didn’t walk away feeling like I did the wrong thing. I didn’t feel embarrassed or shameful or trashy. Instead it was more like “Ok, done that. Interesting. Kind of a rush. But that’s that. Now what?” I had reached the end. It wasn’t overly satisfying. It didn’t fill me with a great sense of pride and joy and happiness. It just was what it was. Honestly, a tad disappointing.

Would I do it again? Probably not. The rush didn’t last long and it really didn’t do anything for me. I do enjoy seeing other people’s nude pictures. But once you’ve seen it, you’ve seen it. Not much more to it.

Do I suggest you post nude pictures on the internet? That’s up to you. I’m certainly not going to fault you for it. Do I want to see them? Probably. But it’s not a big deal, it’s not a bad thing and it’s not all that rewarding. But it can be fun.

But it’s part of life. Life is interesting. I’ll file my report when I’m done. 


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  1. I like nudes. Posting them and people posting them.
    It’s not so much the thrill of posting it but all the nice comments and traffic I get.
    That’s basically all nudes are for.

  2. uhm… well i could do the same thing if i have better self esteem about how i look. but with the fats on my body, all the folds on my skin… i doubt VERY much anyone would want to take a loook at it without actually being raped in the eyes. 

    So….. that is great you enjoy it and that you have done it… [[ where the picture i would love to see it!! ]] Anyways…. yea. So, would I have done it, no….Like I said, I would just be raping people’s eyes with too much of skins hanging off my body. ^,^ I am even sure saying this would make people wince. Eh, why would I admit such thing?!

  3. No big deal at all, but I do love nude pics of girls!  Pictures of guys in the nude, I can live without, but I don’t find them shameful or embarrassing.  I think people need to become more comfortable with nudity.  I posted about it it a while back.  I hope you read it, and let me know what you think. 

    The Naked Truth About Nudity

  4. I lived in Munich where in a part of their central park full nudity is allowed. It’s no big deal. Articles of clothing mess more with imagination and fantasy. 

  5. Nudity doesn’t really bother me. I don’t think there will ever come a time I’ll post my own nudes online though. I think people freak out too much about nudity sometimes and make it a bigger deal then it really is. 

  6. Never seen anything wrong or big about nudity in general myself.  But I grew up pretty liberal when it comes to that.  I’m kinda shy when it comes to my own body, though I don’t feel embarrassed when someone else wants to expose themselves.  I did what was supposed to be an implied nude photoshoot a couple years ago, ended up the photog kept taking full nude pics, but it was kind of gratifying in the end.  For one thing it let me know that I was capable of doing it at least.

  7. if you are single, then your viewers may leave more rewarding comments for now, we are being courteous=P I’ve taken pics of just about every angle of my body…I was bored and that’s what a digicam is for it was fun and sexy. when I’m naked, it is like my attitude changes and I turn into this marilyn monroe blowing kisses to everyone movie starlet.

  8. It must have been a “big deal,”  since you took it down (lol). You’ve had other posts that were great, so-so, emotionally revealing etc, and didn’t come back and delete. But you did decide to delete that in the end. I don’t know what you’re personal  reasons were only that the “high” disappeared. I suspect there are more  :)  

    For me, I’m comfortable nude with an SO, unlike some women that are always covered. I Have paintings of the nude bodies all over my house (painted by me), I  think the body is beautiful, especially when elevated into art.  I have no problem being in a steam room nude with other women, and I don’t care what  the TSA  sees in their enhanced x-ray! 

    However, I do draw lines, and its probably cultural (American):  I don’t like nudity at beaches (even kids), and I wouldn’t want everyone to be posting profiles with naked pictures on facebook and  linkedin. I just really don’t want to know what my boss looks like naked.  I kinda disagree with the comments above saying its a personal decision, because beaches and social networking sites can wind up being public.

  9. Honestly, I have no issues with nudity.  The only thing about it is this:

    I like to use my imagination.  Sometimes we can become desensitized to nudity if it’s everywhere (which it’s almost there anyway)…

    I don’t understand why there are so many issues with nudity, actually, let me rephrase… sexuality.  All over our magazines, bill boards, tv screens and so forth is covered with sexual intentions/hints… so why is our society still beefed up about people occasionally posting nude photos? 

  10. I posted a bunch of nude pics a few years ago; blurred out my face. I really enjoyed it. Got great feedback and it boosted my self esteem, believe it or not. I wouldn’t have blurred my face if society wasn’t so prudish but you just never know.

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