Nudity in public


I’m not a nudist. Let me first get that out of the way.

But I do believe clothing should be optional in public spaces like parks, beaches, streets, etc. Even private property where it is allowed yet publicly visible. Such as standing in your front yard. Most people most of the time will wear clothing anyway due to the utility of the clothing and/or self perceived embarrassment.

Why do I think this? Because not wearing clothing doesn’t harm anyone and it allows greater freedom to those that choose to go nude. My general moral stance is greater freedom and less harm. I’m all about greater freedom and less harm. You can say “I don’t want to see that” but that is not a valid argument for taking away someone’s freedom. There are a lot of things in life you don’t want to see but you have to deal with. It’s not harming you. Maybe if you opened your mind a little more and didn’t see the human body as disgusting, you’d realize it’s not that big of a deal.

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