Nikon D7000

Part 1

Part 2

Update July 3rd, 2013:

I ended up returning and D7000 and buying a GH1 for $475 brand new with a 14-42 lens. Panasonic was having a firesale on the cameras through their website. I was later able to hack the GH1 and get some great video quality. Liked the camera a lot. Also bought a Canon 60D just to try out, decent camera but not the same build quality as the D7000, nor did I feel my pictures were as good with it. Sold the 60D and just kept the GH1.

Sadly I lost the GH1 and several lenses, filters, etc. Ended up buying a used GH2 with 14-45mm lens. I’ve had the GH2 now since October of 2012. I like the camera a lot but I do miss the Nikon. Kind of wish I never returned the Nikon. The build quality and photo quality of the D7000 was great. But I do enjoy the articulating LCD screen, video functionality and high image bitrate of my hacked GH2.

Just today I went to the store to check out the newer D7100, the successor to the D7000. I’m in love again. Feels so good in the hands and they’ve added a headphone jack now. Seriously considering picking one up. But I must wait a while and weigh it all out.

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