Nikon D5100 hopes

Update: January 30, 2012
Nikon announced the D5100 on April 5th, 2011. Turns out most of my hopes were realized, unfortunately the video quality doesn’t match the D7000. Details here.


Chances are Nikon is going to release or at least announce a D5100 within a week. That said I really hope it has the video capabilities of the D7000 rather than those of its younger brother the D3100. The video on the D3100, although 1080p/24fps, contains no manual control and jello galore. It’s my hope that Nikon can release something that will compete head to the head with the Canon Rebel T3i in the same price bracket. I’m tired on Nikon being behind the times when it comes to video. The D7000 is a good showing but if they can’t bring those video features down below $1000, we should also just pack it up and forget about Nikon once and for all when it comes to serious professional video.

Beyond that, I also hope Nikon brings this thing with a side swivel LCD screen and not that silly vertical LCD the D5000 had. The D5100 better be sporting a million pixels on its lcd like its Canon counterparts. Especially if they plan to hit the T3i price point. They are so much easier and nicer to focus on than these half megapixel LCD screens.

I say this because I really love Nikon cameras and the Nikon look. So I hope for the best with the D5100. If it hit these marks I know what my next purchase is. If it doesn’t, it’s going to have me shaking my head.

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