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The first social network I helped design is now live.

I helped lay out some of the features and the way the site would work. Part of my contribution was the way the profiles are laid out, the idea of multiple media profiles and the top navigation bar.

The purpose of the site is to network content creators. Filmmakers, actors, musicians, and artists of all types. Originally designed to be Michigan based only (due to the budding film industry here in Detroit) the company that paid for us to build the site has decided to open it up nationally (perhaps internationally).

I just talked to the developer a few minutes ago, he was standing over my shoulder and I was pointing out a few issues with the video display. So he’s going to tweak that some more.

There are a lot of things we really wanted to do with this site. A lot of things I really wanted to do with this site. But they ran out of time, I was over ruled on certain things and other things have been put off until Version 2.0.

But if this site begins to take off, version 2.0 will be coming and I already have some things laid out for that version that will be included but just didn’t make the initial launch.

Come check it out and if you are a content creator/actor/model/artist of any type, sign up and be the first to get whatever username you want. My username is Mike. Lol.


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  1. I made a profile, and I’m trying to upload some images, but it won’t let me.  It’s really buggy.  Maybe I should try it on Safari instead of Firefox.  Does the image uploader accept png files?

  2. That’s cool! Man, social networking sites are popping up for everything everywhere. I keep waiting for one for animal trainers and behaviorists. lol

  3. @methodElevated – I uploaded my short film “crash” it seems to take a while to load and you have to mouse over the black frame for the controls to pop up so you can hit play. But I already talked to him about this and he’s going to fix that stuff.

  4. Good for you Mike! It must be very satisfying to not only have your abilities in the field, but also the opportunity to use them. And glad you were able to use your own first name for your username!

    Well done indeed!


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