New Dinosaurs

New Species Of Prehistoric Giants Discovered In The Sahara

Well that’s pretty interesting. You never know what you’re going to find.

The thought never occured to me before, but what if we found another habitable planet with dinosaurs on it?

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  1. @trunthepaige – All kinds of things. However I’m trying to gain the biggest readership I can at this point. Testing the waters to see what topics hit and which ones miss. That was one I was sure would hit big and people would be all over it, but it seems to be that it’s getting avoided like the plague. Can’t figure it out.

  2. @roxics – I could never figure it out ether. The best things i ever write are ignored. But I have been feature twice for stuff that was completely simplistic. And one time that was just ok. I seem to have a talent for gaining readers, then chasing them off.

    If you only want comments and readers, I think you already know how to do it. Hang out with the xanga’s “beautiful people”

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