My New Religion

**ism is religion for those who are tired of religion. It is a stripped down basic belief in God. We aren’t here to preach or convert. You either believe what we believe or your don’t. We believe you are free to live your life as you wish. But if you live your life loving God and following the order of the universe we believe you will be a happier person.

**ism will help teach you how to identify order and love God. It might sound unusual but we are not a heavily supernatural religion. We believe in a perfect self contained universe wherein God the creator of all things has built a perfect system. We believe that God has given us a certain order of free will by which we can choose to love God in return if we wish. We believe that God’s judgments come in the form of not obeying the order of the universe. As an example, if you hold your hand over an open fire you will get burned. This may sound like simple common sense, but this is part of the order of the universe. You are of course free to hold your hand over the fire, but you must pay the consequences if you get too close. We believe that Gods order is all around us, it’s not written in a book, it’s written in the very fabric of the universe we live in. We believe that God favors intelligence and that Gods gift to us is science and understanding. We also believe that most human beings understand morality instinctively.  We believe that morality is not a hard set of laws you must follow. Morality is a fluid thing that is based on perspective and situation.  We believe there is order in the universe and that you can live a better life through discovering and following that order. We believe that God represents all order.

**ism = name not yet announced
This is a very brief description of what I’m working on right now. More details to come when the website launches.

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  1. Interesting new religion you have here. I liked the “We believe that God favors intelligence and that Gods gift to us is science and understanding.” part more than absolutely anything.

    Very nice entry you have hear. I’m curious as to what kind of responses you get on this blog.

  2. @roxics – Ok, so is it like a sect of Deism? I can see that it is a form of Deism, but what is it that makes this different and new? I guess I just don’t follow. Pardon me if I am being irritating.

  3. @jmallory – lol, you aren’t being irritating. Questions are awesome.

    Consider it deism in a new package. It’s not new, but it’s more marketable. It’s designed to show people there is an alternative to the big three religions that doesn’t go as far as atheism. It’s for people who still believe in a higher power but can’t deal with the BS that comes with most theistic religions.

    What I’ve found is that there are a lot of people out there that believe in God, but they don’t buy into the theistic religions for whatever reasons. Deism is actually a good fit for the modern critical thinking believer, myself included. But it needs a new package by which to sell itself to the mainstream. A new explanation of what it is and why it’s very likely plausible. That’s what **ism is.

  4. I know this isn’t the “post” about ask me anything… however it ties in…
    Why do we need religion or “ism” anyway?  Why can’t we just live our lives day to day and not deal with the circles of who’s right, wrong, or happy in the middle?

  5. I never knew deism taught anything at all. So that must not be it though it sure sounds like it

    Belief in nothing is rather hard to pull off. It seems to run against inherit human nature.

    I see after reading some comments it is deism

  6. I was about to ask if it was like Deism, but that was already asked. I’m a Deist, and I think this **ism is definitely interesting. It has some differences from Deism, though, so I wouldn’t say it’s Deism in a “new package.” Maybe it’s Deism with minor changes… an ugrade. :)

  7. @jewjewbeedragon – You can certainly live your life any way you like. But there are people who are curious and philosophical about the big picture.

    @trunthepaige – It is. Sort of. But lets define our terms. Deism is a type of belief, just as theism and pantheism are types of beliefs. Inside those you have the sets of specific beliefs which are often called religions and inside those, certain sects of religions.

    Deism as a whole is not the belief in nothing. It is the belief in God. But it differs on its beliefs in how God reveals things.  

    @ecoutezmonhistoire – lol, I guess you could say that. It’s been difficult to peg it one way or the other. For a while I had described it as a form of pantheism because there are certain aspects to it which bend that way. But it’s really Deism. I guess you’ll have to wait for the website and weight it out yourself.

  8. @ForTheDreamless – I wouldn’t search that out. **ism is not the name of it. The two ** ‘s will be replaced by the real name once the website is finished. I can’t reveal the name right now though because otherwise people would find the website and not all the text is on the website yet.

    However you can search for the type of belief it is, which is deism. 

  9. @trunthepaige – Ah, I get ya, yes. I think there is a certain binary position people take especially when coming from one of the big three theistic religions. It becomes either one or the other. Like myself, I came from being a Catholic into being an atheist. There is a big extreme there. I tried hard to believe for a while there but my mind just couldn’t do it, there was too much BS in Christianity. It didn’t jive with my logical mind at all. Atheism offered a certain cold hard truth. But it also started not to make sense.

    I think there are a lot of people that don’t realize there are other perspectives. They only see it as all or nothing and anything in the middle is luke warm liberal christianity which also doesn’t make a lot of sense.

  10. You know its funny, what you described up there is what Christianity really is supposed to be about and is about if you truly follow what Jesus taught. :) 

    Not trying to “convert or preach”, just noticed it and found it interesting. 
    I’m glad you’re searching for truth and truly wish you well in your quest. :)

  11. @kooky4Christ – @kissthewake – 

    It’s nothing like Christianity. Christianity is a revealed religion that preaches the mind of God and says the only way to get to heaven is through christ. Christianity is all about God acting in your life by telling you what you’re supposed to do. Deism is about a God who set up the universe with a series of systems. We have no idea if heaven or hell exists. The only laws to follow are natural laws. In general deism, God is a great absent creator. **ism is a little different but it’s definitely not Christianity, it’s far more logical and reasonable then Christianity.

  12. @roxics – Haha…yes, you keep telling yourself that.  I fail to see the logic there; I guess I’m just too illogical.  ‘sall good though.  I hope “**ism” brings you much purpose and fulfillment.

  13. @roxics - Thank you for your reply, Michael. I appreciate it. Yes, you are right about Deism. I do have to respectfully disagree with you about Christianity about the part where “**ism… it’s far more logical and reasonable than Christianity.” I actually find lots of logic and reason in Christianity. I’m not the type of person who just “believes something I want to believe”. I thoroughly research things and only believe things that I find are logical, reasonable, and true. Again, I think “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis is a great book that explains that Christianity is full of logic and reason. I hope that you will check out it some day. He goes through it all and explains it very logically, reasonably, and thoroughly. I’d truly love to hear/read your take on it after you read it. 

    And again, when I comment I want you to know that I in no way am trying to condemn your beliefs or be hateful in any way. Even though we don’t know each other in real life, I do care about you and wish you well. I just hope we can discuss things as fellow human beings and maybe even as friends if you’d like. :)
    Also, I’d like to apologize on behalf of many “Christians” I have seen comment on your entries who have been anything but loving. I’ve seen a few that were ok, but in general have been disgusted at their comments. I know it may sound weird to apologize on behalf of them, but I mean it. They are not representing Christ well and I’m sorry they haven’t. One thing that I love about Jesus is that He loves all of us imperfect people. One quote I’ve heard that is so true says “Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven.”. But that does not excuse their unloving actions. I often get VERY VERY frustrated and mad at other Christians who do such things. (See my post “It breaks my heart…) and Jesus did too. If you read the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John), you’ll see that He often gets on the religious people of the day and does NOT like them at all. He hung out with the real people and got condemned for it but didn’t care. :)
    Also, I want to make sure I’m not misunderstanding you… you said that you are atheist and maybe pantheist in your profile but then above it sounds like you said you’re deist as well. I just don’t understand how you could say you’re atheist (believe in no God), pantheist (believes God is in many things), and/or deist (believes in an absent creator God)? Again, just trying to understand and would appreciate an explanation if you’d like to give one. :)

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