My new place

So I moved into my new place. First time I’ve ever lived alone. In the past I’ve lived with my parents then girlfriend then wife and then with my brother, but this is the first time I’ve ever lived alone.

At some point my girlfriend may move in. In a month or two. But until then I’m living alone in my new place and it’s a strange feeling. I kind of like it, but I also miss the presence of other people being around. I’m so used to it.

I’ve rented a house on the other side of town, closer to work. So it only takes me ten minutes to get to work, which is great. I’m also only 5 minutes from where my girlfriend lives, which is so much easier than 30-40 minutes away like it has been. I’m also closer to some of my friends as well. We’ll see if I take advantage of that.

So far so good. But I dont have any living room furniture of my own so I need to get some.

My goal over the next year is to pay off some of my debt and save a little money and buy my own house next year.

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