0 thoughts on “My girlfriend is trying to have txt sex with me…

  1. ROFL

    My hubby always wants me to send him dirty texts…  It takes me forever to think up of something that doesn’t sound cheesy or fake.  I mean hell, it’s text messaging!

  2. It’s much easier to talk dirty in the phone, when you actually want to do it to her at the time. It’s all about imagination, the show and the sexual yearning, and it’s not as easy as people like to make it seem. It is but it’s not. So, don’t feel discouraged if you haven’t got the hang of it, man.

  3. I never understood cybersex or sexting or phone sex. It’s all so silly to me. However I do understand sexting naughty photos. That always helps. ;] especially when you get creative. ;p

  4. I used to find it funny/awkward but later I got the hang of it, and it actually turned me on. I can only get into text sex if I have some visual stimulation, so then it becomes sexting. next is phonesex, then video teasing, and yep

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