Music video I shot

About a month or so back I shot a music video for my friends new single “What Do You Mean.” I also did the initial edit on the video, but left it to him to do all the effects so that he could have control over that.

Here is the video

You can purchase the single and see more info on his website

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  1. It’s cool to see the final edit, after seeing “behind the scenes”.  I would have done somethings a little differently.  I have to say, I liked your “initial” edit better… But, you know me…a little bias and critical…
    I still think it’s cool :)

  2. @macphoto – It’s an unspoken rule that unless the hot guys are in the band they can’t be in the video. Exceptions to the rule include dance troupe members and underwear models in mainstream pop videos by female performers.

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