Morning comes early, but sleep escapes me

Argh…. It’s just after 3:30 AM and I am still awake. I have to be up for work at 7. I guess that afternoon nap with Melissa was a bad idea. She was the one that was worried she’d be up all night but she’s sound asleep right now and I’m the one at the computer. Ok time to log off, this was a pointless entry anyway.

Food for thought, if you’re tired and want to stay awake, try the internet.

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0 thoughts on “Morning comes early, but sleep escapes me

  1. No…. the internet is mindcrack for me…. Haha.

    It’s 5:25AM and I’m supposed to be up at the same time you are to take the roomy to work. I might as well just stay awake.

    And I didn’t even nap today. Not a bit.

    But yes, when no one is online, and there’s nothing to do, internet is good.

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