Minimal Design

I’m a big fan of modern minimalism design. Simple, clean, elegant. With emphasis on good typography and logo design as well as creative packaging. I think these things combined can really sell a product and set it above the rest. If I see something with this sort of design, I’m compelled to want to buy it. Even if it’s a jar of honey and I don’t really use honey. lol.

Here are some great examples of the kind of design that just inspires me to no end.







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  1. I agree.  I think sometimes the flasher the package, the less you get.  Sometimes I feel they spend way too much capital on trying to make their product attractive then actually making it a quality product.

  2. @jewjewbeedragon – Well that might be true. But still there are a lot of companies that don’t offer very good design. Any of the products above are beautiful looking and I’d sort of expect to pay more because of their elegant and simple design. I’d also expect them to be higher quality products.

    There is a funny (although older) video about how Microsoft would redesign the iPod box if it were their product. Basically poking fun at Microsoft back then for not understanding good simple clean design. Here it is:

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