Militant Atheists and Extremist Religious

For a spell there you could call me a militant or active atheist who would go around spreading my antireligion. After a while I just sort of got bored with it. At least with actively seeking it out. I still like to read about peoples religious points of view from time to time and even throw in my two cents. I’m also still writing out a private blog outlining my own beliefs. But I’ve come to realize that it’s really less about the religion and more about the individual.

Take any given religion and you’ll find extremists. But the same is true with atheists and even people who are completely apathetic to religion but are extreme about some other cause. Perhaps political, social , whatever.
I can’t really go around hating christians or muslims or vegatarians just because there is a handful of them who are out of their minds, according to me. Most people at their core are good people with good intentions who fit into the society they were born.

Now don’t get me wrong. This isn’t me waving a peace sign saying “love everyone”. Not at all. In fact there are people who should not be loved. There are people that don’t deserve my love. They “may” deserve my mercy, but not my love. But I think that in general, one needs to use their heart more than their logic in certain places. It’s really more about actions then beliefs anyway. I mean after all, why should I care what someone believes if their beliefs don’t result in certain actions I would find unjust? I shouldn’t care.

Nobody is ever going to get along 100% in this world. That’s just reality. So long as we are human and not some hive minded cyborg lifeform that all thinks the same, we’re going to have varying beliefs and perceptions. We’re going to have disagreements. Even people who love each other till the ends of the earth are going to have disagreements and misunderstandings. But actively going around and trying to pick a fight with people based on those disagreements is a little juvenile and pointless unless what they are doing is really going to affect society in a negative way.    

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  1. Great post.  I’m not sure if I agree with you on the “not loving” everyone.  Everyone deserves love.  But I do agree that I may not be the one to give “everyone” love.

  2. It’s nice to see this. As a Christian, I grow weary of Atheists and Agnostics treating me poorly just because I have a certain label. It bugs me more than anything when they assume I am like all the other Christians they can’t stand, without really getting to know me first. Even when I say I am not like what they aggressively seek out to fight, they don’t listen… all they heard was “Christian” and whatever generalizing definition they’ve given that. So it’s always nice to meet someone who gives individuals a chance and doesn’t let a label blind him.

  3. “… I’ve come to realize that it’s really less about the religion and more about the individual”
    Very well spoken, roxics; my respect for you has just doubled.

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