Men in skinny jeans

Don’t really care for this look myself. It’s not the fact that the jeans are tight, I just don’t like the tight look around the ankles. If they flared out, that would be a different story.

Personally I think mens jeans should get tighter around the butt and thighs. Hell even skin tight like womens jeans. Saggy sucks. But there also needs to be room for the package.

I’m not sure if jeans like I am describing even exist for men. If so, point me to them, I’d like to try them out. But as for skinny jeans. I don’t hate them. In fact I think men should have those options. I’m just not a fan of the tight calves and ankles.

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  1. I am always disturbed by this trend. Guys should absolutely not be able to squeeze into jeans like that. It’s just not normal. I don’t wanna think about how I can’t even fit into jeans that small.. Dicks. Hahaha

  2. I can not abide by constraints, and I will where whatever is most comfortable for me (usually shorts and a t-shirt).  Although, I do not mind dressing up for occasions.

  3. I like skinny jeans that fit, which do exist. The problem is that there are some men who think skinny jeans are meant to squeeze you in an unflattering way. Any style of jeans can fit you correctly if you shop right, I think, but some styles look better on some people.

  4. Truth. One of the main reasons some people shun skinny jeans is due to plenty of jokes involving the package. Haha! I wore skinny jeans once my size because there wasn’t any other pants left. Verdict: Eh, whatever. i’ll stick with the others.

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