Meeting the guys

So Friday night I met up with the guys. We talked for 5 hours about the site. Things are sounding good. It’s not easy to build a facebook competitor. But it’s definitely worth it. It’s definitely going to give Xanga a run for it’s money too. 

Don’t get me wrong. I like Xanga. But it’s going to be nice to have a place that I can go to talk with my real life friends, family as well as talk with online friends and read peoples blogs. All while still maintaining a separation between the groups.
So the result is that it’s going to cancel out both xanga and facebook with one site.

That said it’s also going to cancel out etsy, deviantart and reddit as well. Well maybe not completely.

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  1. @roxics – Fair enough. :)

    cool idea though.
    Can I tell you that facebook was first made to help people who had class together connect–and when I was in college this was about the most amazing feature they had– unfortunately this disappeared soon after it was created.  Now that I’m out of college I don’t much care–but there was hardly a better way to scope out what hot guys in class were single…lol.  (Everyone did it, don’t lie) lol.
    that and I loved that you could choose your area/metro (I wish you could have chosen more then one)
    and lastly–they need like a “top friends” or something–a list of people who’s site you frequent most that either you can put together or updates itself.
    I don’t really know what your site is going to be like–but if any of these are possible within what you’re doing, then that would be awesomely sweet to have.  :)

  2. @thinkpinkpanther – SocialMore does have people search built in. Like a dating site, you can choose guy’s within so many miles of your zip code who are interesting in women for a relationship or friends or friends with benefits or whatever. So you don’t need to belong to a network. We don’t have networks. Their entire site is a network.

    We don’t actually have anything built in for schools and finding out who is in what class. But we do have communities, so it wouldn’t be hard for someone to start a community based around a certain class or school or whatever. But it’s not something we’re going to auto generate.

    I know facebook started as a tool for university students and you were required to be at a school facebook was open to and have a .edu email address to join. SocialMore is really for everyone. It’s not a tool for students anymore than xanga is. What it is, is a combination of the best features of art sites, blogging sites, dating sites, and social networks like facebook and twitter wrapped into one simple to use site with some other kick ass additions thrown into the mix.

    The top friends idea is interesting. Sounds like a carry over from myspace. As it was used on myspace it sort of got people in some trouble and drama. People asking other people why they weren’t in their “top friends” and getting all envious or upset about it. Silly really.

    That said, we’ll be adding more features as time goes on. But it’s really a balance we have to create. The site can’t be about everything because a successful site is just as much about what you leave out as it is about what you include.

  3. @roxics – My “top friends” idea is something that I actually wanted for facebook as a “best friends”

    they have parents, brothers, sisters, relationship, etc.  so I get get to their pages with just one click from mine, but I would like that with about five other friends that I communicate with daily.  lol.
    Sounds really cool thus far–when it’s up and running I’ll def. give it a go. :)

  4. @thinkpinkpanther – The SocialMore solution to that would be to just view the feed from your best friends. Unlike facebook which shows you a feed from ALL your friends, SocialMore allows you to just view feeds from different groups of friends. So you could create a group called “best friends” and put all your best friends in that group and just view that in your feed. Furthermore you could just view weblog entries from friends or just photos from friends, etc. It makes it really easy to drill down and find things. 

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