Me versus Google

It’s kind of disheartening when I tell some people what my friend Matt and I are doing. I get people saying things like “Why even try?” or they just listen and look at you like it’s no big deal. But the minute they hear Google is working on something new or facebook is working on something new, the word spreads everywhere and people get all excited. It’s all starting to become a big corporate hubbub, the internet.

I think people forget that Google started with just a couple of nerdy guys that had an idea. I’m sure people back then probably thought the same thing about them going up against Yahoo. It’s also the same exact story for Apple. A couple of guys building computers in their garage with the dream to take on IBM. Now Apple is the trend setter in modern computers and cell phones. People also seem to forget that facebook was started by a 20 year old guy and a couple of his buddies. 

So where does this pessimism come from? Granted not everyone has been pessimistic. We’ve gotten more people excited about what we’re doing than not. So that’s cool. But I think there are a lot of people that just wonder how we’re going to compete. Maybe we won’t make any significant dent in facebook. It’s not our goal to take down facebook. It is our goal to offer our users a better experience. Hence the reason I’m asking all of you so many questions and asking your opinion. I actually care what you have to say. I may not always fully agree. But I’m listening.

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  1. @roxics – its become really shallow and theres too many children on it I liked fack book when it was for the bit older crowd. Plus the incessant amount of games is very annoying of you feedback page 

  2. @samanthabecicka – I completely agree about the games. I hate them in my feed as well. It’s a hard call. Because there are a lot of people who go to facebook just for the games. We’re not focusing on that. In fact we won’t have any games even though we easily could. I’m not going to say we’ll never add them, but if we ever do I’m not going to allow them to annoy people.

    As for the crowd. I wish I could say there was a way to filter out the shallowness of humanity. But we do have some nifty ways of filtering things.

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