Man versus Eyeliner

My girlfriend and I at a Halloween party this past weekend.

I’m all for guys in eyeliner. But I think it works better for some guys then others. On me I think it works. I could be wrong. But I think so.

What do you think about guys in eyeliner? You know, outside of Halloween. I’ve actually kinda thought about wearing it more on occasion. When going out perhaps. Here and there. But then I’m also one of those guys who tends to get away with more. As my friend Dan said to me a couple weeks ago “you get away with more then I  do, all of our friends are just like ‘that’s just Mike, we expect that from him, he’s just like that.'” Which is ok I guess. But it would be better if more guys were “just like that”.

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  1. maybe if you have a darker complexion, darker and thicker brows, then the eyeliner (if it’s subtle enough) will look more natural?  maybe that’s how some guys get away with it and others not so much?

  2. i only wear eyeliner for special occasions. I don’t like it on guys for like everyday. party or parade or dance then yeah go for it. trip to walmart nope take it off.

  3. I think eyeliner goes along the same line as long hair, or going bald.  Some men can pull it off and some can’t.  You definitely look hot with eyeliner… and long hair, but we have already discussed this.

    I think a majority of the time, guys don’t feel secure enough to pull things like this off.  They feel their friends or the opposite sex will tease them or chastise them for doing it.  If society were to accept people for who they are and understand that we are all different, I believe we would be a much happier society.

  4. I’m not a huge fan of guys in eyeliner. If my boyfriend ever showed up with it on I’d be chasing him with make up remover. I think it needs to be the total package. If you’re not at a goth night club or something where the stereotype is for guys to wear fishnet and leather pants, it just doesn’t seem to fit.

    Leave the liner for depp as a pirate and old rockstars that just dont’ know to stop like Bret Michaels. Some guys faces just shouldn’t be screwed around with and don’t need that stuff.

  5. I think guys in eyeliner look good. And you totally do it well!

    When I get dressed up, I have this HUGE bags under my eyes that are SO obvious, and then these big red blotches next to my nose, so I use concealer to cover it all up, then some eyeshadow to draw away from my uber big eyebrows. So yeah, I do guy makeup. It works well!

  6. great pic, you guys look awesome =) …i think guys look good in eyeliner, a lot better than some of us women actually lol =P …i know a few guys that wear it, but they’re in a band and (usually) only wear it when they’re playing at a club or whatever…

  7. aww….the both of you make a cute couple!

    Guy eyeliner is hot! I had to look closely to see if you were wearing it or not, you can tell it’s more on your bottom lid/lash. Is it on your top too?

    I think that it a little too light and it would look better a little darker not alot but just a little more, or maybe blue/ navy eyeliner. 

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