Male Sex Toys

There seems to be a few guys out there that are perfectly fine with sex toys for their girlfriend/wife but think it’s weird to have one themselves. Those guys seem a little boring if you ask me.

I haven’t gone around trying a whole bunch of sex toys myself. I haven’t really needed to, I found the ultimate male sex toy right from the get go. What is that you ask?

The Fleshlight

Without trying to sound like an advertisement, just a happy customer, I’ve had mine for a few years now and it’s really nice. You can adjust the pressure by unscrewing the back cap a certain amount. The thing is soft and textured on the inside. They have a whole bunch of choices for inside textures and exterior holes (pussy, anus, mouth, butt, slit) They also have different colors including clear. I have a pink lady with a wonderwave texture which is probably the highest rated of them all. Now they even have ones that are molded from casts of real porn stars pussy’s. I can see where some guys would like that, but I don’t care enough.

You can use it a couple of different ways. By laying on your back the same way you would jerking off, or you can throw a couple of pillows on the floor, get on your knees, stuff it between the mattresses and go at it hands free.

It’s not the same as getting the real thing, but it is a different experience and a good one. My girlfriend is sort of hot and cold about it. I think all girls are a little suspicious of male sex toys and whether their guy prefers them to the real thing. No way. The real thing is the real thing, but the fleshlight is the next best thing for a guy. Miss Michigan (your hand) being third.

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  1. I of course wouldn’t mind if he used something like that when I wasn’t available (and wouldn’t be for a few hours/days/whatever).

    If he EVER used that when I was available, I’d be very upset.

  2. I’m going to buy my boyfriend a fleshlight here when I’ve got the money. He doesn’t really WANT one persay, but he says he’d be interested in trying one out some day just to see what the fuss is about. Sadly, I’d probably be half buying it for me and my crazy interest in all sex toys. I’ve never seen a legit fleshlight, just off brands. Which aren’t as good at all. My ex got a fake vagina and ended up splitting it down the middle.

  3. I found a fleshlight-like toy that was created from a computer scan of Maria Osawa’s vagina, so that using it is supposed to be exactly like doing her.  These things sure have come a long way…

    I can never see myself getting one simply because I don’t seem to need it.  I’m under the impression that toys are a bigger help for girls than they are for boys.

  4. @anaraug – I don’ know what your definition of help is, but I think your impression is off. Definitely pick up a fleshlight, I don’t know about the off brands but according to a commenter above they aren’t very good. Whether you need it or it will be a help or not doesn’t stand up to the fact that it feels great. Different feeling then your hand.

  5. I like the idea of equality between males and females.  If a female can use a dildo when she has sexual frustrations (No real thing around), then why can’t men?  I agree with one of the commenter.  If I’m unavailable, sure thing… flesh-light away, however, if I’m laying right beside him, you better use ME!
    Men, too, can become jealous of sex toys, so keep that in mind.  Women can be more jealous, and when you get a toy that looks/feels like the real thing, we can definitely become jealous and fearful.

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