Male Nudity Response

Ok, this isn’t so much a response as just a reverse rant I have based off a post by ShamlesslyRed found here:

I have to ask the question. Do women really feel this way? Do they really dislike the nude male body that much? If this is the case then we are in a world of trouble. But somehow I can’t believe it to be the case.

I can understand women feeling uneasy about receiving nude photos of a guy they don’t know in their inbox. I can’t honestly understand why a guy would send something like this. I’ve only ever sent nude photos to my girlfriend. But she was my girlfriend.

Even so does a girl really need to know a guy before she can find him sexy or want to see him nude? Do none of you seriously just not ever picture a guy nude when you are out someplace? If given the chance to actually see him nude would you really decline? If this is the case then why do women even hook up with guys for one night stands? Why do women even enjoy sex at all if not to worship the body of the person you are with? What about strip clubs for women or female porn? 

Somehow I can’t believe this. I just can’t accept the idea that other women don’t like to look at the male nude form and detest the look and shape of the penis. I mean I don’t completely detest the look and the shape of the penis and I’m a guy.

Something tells me that entire rant and those that responded in unison to it’s claim are really nothing more then a bunch of sheltered prudes who don’t, or for whatever reason can’t, see the beauty and sexuality in a male nude. Even a common male, not just some model.

That entire rant did nothing to help the male sex appeal perspective in our society. Guys want to be considered sexy too. Times are changing. We don’t all just want to be a bunch of dirty guys looking at sexy girls. Many guys these days want to be viewed with the same sex appeal women get. Both genders should be equally viewed as just as beautiful, because they are. We’ve just lived for so long with society demonizing the male form as unattractive and ugly, when it’s not.

Sure I can understand not wanting to look at a nude of some overweight ugly guy. By hey I don’t want to look at nudes of overweight ugly girls either. But a regular guy or a regular girl, nude, what’s the difference? Both are fascinating and attractive. 

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  1. Also, I really like what leaflesstree said. I agree with her for the most part. Men and women are different but we are also VERY much individuals. BUT I also do think women IN GENERAL are less visual and I definitely agree that most women I know (including myself) fall into this category: “I’m more turned on by the idea that the person desires me, by the idea of what might happen between us, by something the other person says or does, than by what they look like.” 

    I think that statement she wrote is very true. Look at women’s romance novels… the major thing that turns the women on (and what they emphasize in the books) is the man pursuing her and desiring her. Thats definitely a common link I hear from women. I know I feel the same way. The visual does turn me on but I think (honestly) I am most turned on by thinking a man would pursue me, how he looks at me, etc. So yeah… wanted to add all that. :)

  2. I also agree with this comment by myxldove: “I also agree that men want to be viewed as sexy. But again, I think that word means something different for women than it does for men. For instance, my wife in lingerie? Sexy for sure. But my wife thinks I’m sexy when I’m exhibiting strength or intelligence while doing things around the house. Both are a turn on, but for very different reasons.”

    I think that difference is true.

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