Macbook can’t hack it

So on Saturday I bought this new 24 inch monitor. I had just bought my girlfriend a 19″ LCD for her birthday and I had been thinking about upgrading from my 19″ to a 24 for a while now. I do a lot of photoshop and some HD video editing and After Effects work at home. Not as much as I used to considering I do it at work every day, but I still do. So I wanted something bigger with 1080p resolution so I could have more working area. Plus watching movies in my room where my desk is.

I looked a bunch of them up and then Melissa and I went to bestbuy to pick up this one monitor, when we got there they had a Westinghouse 24″ for $213 compared to the other one at $300. Wow have the prices on these things come down. So I picked it up. It’s great. It’s really freakin’ big and nice 1920×1200 resolution.

Here’s the problem. Although my macbook supports the 1920×1200 resolution, it’s having a little trouble with it when I have a few thins open. My macbook is circa 2006 with the old intel 950 integrated graphics in it. Which suck. The new white macbooks have the Nvida 9400M, which could probably handle most things I through at it and playback HD movies smooth and silk. So now what do I do? Do I sell my macbook and buy a new one, forking over $400+ to do so? Or do I go back to my PC and use my macbook for only “light” stuff?

The thing is I really really like my macbook. I love mac os. Don’t get me wrong it does work, I ‘m writing this on it right now hooked up to my 24″ with itunes playing. But if I were to open photoshop or do to playback a 720p video, I’d be screwed. This thing would slow to a halt. So I’m feeling like my hands are tied a little bit.

My PC is a different story, it’s also struggling a little bit, but the video card is older and for $60 I could pop a 9400 in it and have everything run smooth. I’m planning on doing that. But then I’m going to feel like I need to use my PC more often when what I really want to use is my macbook.

AHHH! Sometimes computers suck.  

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  1. I just bought a new Macbook after being a PC notebook owner since the 2mb days. I like Mac ten times better, very user friendly, etc. Not enough programs available that I would like to see out? But all in all, it’s the best for your money. I spent under a grand (watch the sales). 

  2. I think what I’d do is sell your current MacBook, scrape together the additional funds and buy the new Whitebook (or whatever you want.)

    Btw, if you’ll PM me the specs, etc. I may have a buyer for you.

  3. @triciaplumley – Actually there are a lot of great program out for mac. You have to look for them though. Alot of them cost money which is the biggest difference I noticed compared to the amount of free windows apps. You can also get a lot of them in discounted bundles. Here are a couple of links: – These are free.

    Also check out the following programs: – you definitely want this one. It lets you play almost any video file type in quicktime.

    There are tones of them out there, it’s just finding them. Stay tuned to sites like

  4. @TornadoChaser@momaroo – Yea it it really is.

    @ProfessorTom – I think you’re right. That seems to be the only logical course of action. It’s just putting the extra money together when I have so many other things on my list. I put it up on craigslist a few weeks ago, thinking I might just sell it and upgrade then, got a about 4-5 people email me back interested. So I don’t think I’d have a problem selling it. These things keep their value really well. So selling it isn’t so much the problem as wanting to not dish out another $400-500 bucks. Almost the same amount as I would get for this system.

  5. I wish I could help in your dilema.  It must really be painful having to decide between a lap top and a desk top… : )  You know what I’m talking about!  Loves

  6. Considering I’m a big computer nerd I should be able to help but in this situation I wouldn’t have a clue what to say that might get you out of the bind you’re in. Good luck on figuring it out though.

  7. I just installed Photoshop CS 3 on my mac and its running fine, but I don’t have it hooked up to a screen like that. If it were me, I’d sell the old macbook (they have a really good resale value, btw), and fork over the cash for a new one. My brother just got a brand new pc, and he is already having problems with it, and I never did like PC’s to begin with, so I may be a little biased.

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