LOST – Spoilers

Ultimately the show was kinda silly. The entire show played out over six seasons where it could have easily been two or less.
Here is how Lost could have happened:

1. Flight 815 crashes on island.
2. Others on island see it and come running to help.
3. Others invite survivors back to their town.
4. Others take ten minutes to explain all the mysteries of the island and how there used to be a bunch of scientists that built all these stations for experiments but none of that matters.
5. Others explain that Jacob, who they follow, set it up the events and the crash so that the Oceanic 6 got to the island.
6. Jacob appears and asks them which one is willing to take over his job.
7. One of them volunteers for the job and the rest leave the island on the original Dharma sub and the sailboat and the motorboat Michael took.
8. Man in black gets killed.
9. They all eventually die at some point in their lives and then meet up in the afterlife with lots of love and smiles and proceed into heaven.
10. The end.

So much of this show was really pointless and had a ton a plot holes in it.

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  1. I haven’t seen the rest of season 6, but I heard it was very disappointing.  I wish they’d have made it less pathetic than it turned out to be.  Have some real damn answers, not just bullshit after a while.

  2. @haloed – Depends on who you ask. There are a lot of people that loved the ending. You probably shouldn’t be reading this before seeing it. Otherwise you won’t be shocked. Lol. Not that I was at all shocked by the ending. 

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