Installed Lion on my macbook. Love it! Never had so much fun with a computer operating system as I have been with this one.

Also bought a magic trackpad to go with it. Equally awesome since Lion is so multi-touch. I feel like a computer martial artist with all these multi finger gestures. It’s just too bad Chrome doesn’t support it all yet. That said, I’m really loving the new Safari and using it all the time now.

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  1. I love the swipe back/forward with two fingers in safari. I also love how a lot of the features (spell check for instance) look like they do on the iPhone. 

  2. @suggestivetongue – The swipe back and forth in Safari is my favorite. But I’m also really loving the three finger swipe to go from desktop to desktop. But I always seem to forget about the pinch to zoom in Safari.

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