Light Fighter

Have you ever played Laser tag? Imagine for a minute if we introduced some form of new display technology to the game. You put on a pair of what looks like sunglasses but are completely clear. The glasses have a wire going off of them connected to a small box clipped to your belt. This box acts as a trasmitter of types. Also connected to this box is your headphones with mic. Your wearing a vest. Looks like a regular black vest. Except inside are hundreds of little sensors.
In your hand is a gun. Everyone around you is dressed similiar.
Suddenly the games begin.

What happens next looks like something out of a sci fi film. You see people around you firing lasers and regular ammunition out of their guns. You lift up your glasses for a moment and everything looks different. As if a bunch of people are running around playing make-believe.

What’s happening is the glasses are overlaying images on top of the real world. Everyone playing the game is connected to a field server via their wireless tramsmitter on their belt. Vest sensors, gun sensors, transmitter, glass and headphones are all working together to create a realistic appearing wargame for every player involved.

Suddenly someone throws what looks like a little silver ball and within a few seconds a huge explosion fills your view. Of course non of the trees or forest dwelling animals seem to care much about this explosion because they’re unaware of it. They’re not wearing the proper gear to enjoy it.
But you’ve noticed that your gun no longer fires and your life level displayed in the bottom left corner or your vision reads empty. You must be dead. Guess you’ll have to wait for the next game.

I have a feeling this kind of technology is right around the corner. It’s not what you would call virtual reality. It’s more like a reality/graphics hybrid. I think it’s going to make games like the one I described above a blast to play.

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