Lesbians aren’t taken seriously

I had made a comment on Suggestivetongue’s weblog a little while back and decided I really wanted to expand on it. Here we go.

Lesbians aren’t taken seriously. Bold statement bound to upset more than a few lesbians I’m sure. But hear me out.

Lets take a trip back to the era of humans as hunters and gatherers. This is a state that we existed in far longer than our 10,000 years as modern humans. Homo-sapians are roughly 150,000 years old. So before farming and all that good stuff, we spent about 140,000 years hunting and gathering.

During this era a female would not have had the choice to be a lesbian. Simply put, she could mess around with other women, but ultimately if she was attractive she would have been forced to procreate either through societal pressures or rape.

So even if a female wasn’t attracted to men, she would have still had to put out to men. Anything she did with women on the side would have probably been overlooked since she was fulfilling her role to society by procreating or at least letting a man have her sexually. As such, lesbians would not have been taken very seriously and would not have stopped a female (lesbian or not) from procreating.

On the other hand, a gay male would have had very little success procreating. Men being raped by women is not as common and in such an era men would have been physically stronger than women anyway. If a male chose not to have sex with females he would not be able to pass on his genes, but that was his choice.

Because of the nature of men and women, men can have multiple women carrying his children all at the same time. Whereas a woman can only carry one mans offspring at a time. The result is that women are the more desired of the two genders. They carry the golden egg and it’s a mans job to get that egg before another man does. A man can collect multiple eggs, whereas a woman cannot.

Being the case, if a man chose not to have sex with a woman, because he was gay, other men probably would have said “more for me.”

A man can sleep with multiple women in one night and if he has the stamina and the cycle is right, he can get them all pregnant that night. When the children are born, no one will be confused about whose child is whose.
However it does not work the same in reverse. If a women sleeps with multiple men in one night she can only become pregnant by one of them every ten months. When the child is born it’s anyone’s guess whose it is. Chances are all the males will bale, not wanting to provide for what could potentially be some other dudes kid.

When you add all of this up, you begin to see why it is that lesbians are often more accepted than gay men. Because historically, 10,000+ years ago, lesbianism wasn’t taken seriously. It didn’t affect a females role in society. If anything, it may have helped her develop closer relations with other females she shared an alpha male with. As an alpha male would probably not allow her sexual relations with other men, she could have gotten some pleasure from other females she shared him with.

I think this is probably a good reason why even today a lot of females are bisexual or have a hint of bisexuality in them and also the reason why societies throughout history have had less of a issue with bisexual females/lesbians than gay men.

I think even today there exists a certain train of thought that lesbians aren’t really lesbians, they’re just bisexual females who are being difficult. Hence the reason you see guys so interested in them and thinking they can turn them on to cock if they just got their chance with them. Lesbians also even today have a higher rate of procreation than gay men. Thinking about it, if a lesbian wants a child it shouldn’t be too difficult for her to find a guy to knock her up and let her keep the child for herself and her female partner. There are plenty of guys willing to cum inside a woman at her request if she’s willing to let his dick in. Might be more difficult if she’s just asking for his cum in a bottle.

Like I said, add it all up. It begins to make sense.

So why then aren’t gay men as accepted? Well it only makes sense that competitive men after the eggs of females and the rule of other men, to become an alpha male, would have looked at gay men as useless. A man willing to submit to a another man would have been seen as weak and woman-like without the procreational benefits of being a woman. So a gay man would have not been respected by other men and seen as a lame duck by females since they were useless to the females as well. 
Maybe this wasn’t always true. If we move forward in history up to a few thousand years ago we know that there were times that men would take teenage boys as lovers. But in doing so they played the role of a man taking the teenage boy’s hole as if they were a female. So like the females of old that may have been lesbians forced into being bisexuals, certain societies accepted a particular level of bisexuality among men. But ultimately it’s more limited for men as they are only accepted if the play the role of giver and not taker and if they also are known to be with females as well.  

—-This post was an opinion piece based on my knowledge, imagination and sense of logic. It is not to be taken as a scientific study—




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  1. I really enjoyed that.  I’m still scratching my head a little but it works. Oh yeah, you forgot that women are really beautiful to look at and it’s acceptable to be attracted to beautiful things gathering berries. On the other hand, men come back from the hunt all smelly and dirty.

  2. they didn’t have lube that you can purchase at stores for buttsecks, so some probably witnessed the not so pretty aftermath of men on men sex without lube, then frowned upon that act. with lesbian sex, we have natural lube and I’m not sure if they even figured out to do oral sex and probably just fondled each other, which doesn’t seem like a big deal because it was like a massage to relieve from the day’s hard work.

  3. @aqua_aiko – Lol.
    You do make a good point though. For most people historically, sex involves penetration by a penis. Lesbians don’t have penis. At least real ones. Even the ancient greeks considered the men who penetrate as men and the ones who are penetrated as woman-like. So a man could be woman-like by being penetrated but women could never really be man-like.

    @beautyinbeautyout – True. Women are really beautiful. I agree. But some may argue (women) that men are just as beautiful in their own gritty kinda way. :)

  4. @roxics – I think gay sex started because there were no contraceptives back then and the men didn’t want to impregnate 50 women because that would mean more work for him to hunt and kill like 40 buffalos a day to feed the giant family. or they didn’t know that they could still have sex with their wives when they are pregnant, so they had sex with men to cure their blueballs

  5. This does make a lot of sense. It probably is linked to the fact that, like you said, sex involves penetration, and since lesbian sex is non-penatrative, it isn’t even considered ‘real sex.’ The only thing i’d disagree with is the concept of men wanting the women for themselves. The concept of monogamy is relatively new, and i really can’t picture homosapiens, or whatever, caring who was having sex with who.

  6. @Theater_Pixie – While I agree with you that monogamy is a newer concept. I don’t think it’s that new. We’ve seen in many old cultures how men treat women as objects or pieces of a collection. Hence the reason or harems guarded by eunuchs. Men have generally desired to know a woman is carrying his child and not that of another mans. The only way to ensure that is to make sure she isn’t having sex with other men.

    That said, I don’t really know. I’ve heard it the way you describe it as well. So who knows. Maybe it was something that was cultural among different tribes. But either way I’m sure none of those women got away with living a stictly lesbian sex life.

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