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Just so you know, come February of next year I will be leaving xanga. Most of you probably know that my partners and I at SocialMore Media Inc. have been developing a new social networking website for the past 8 months. It launches to the public on February 4th, 2011.

Obviously as ceo of this company how would it look if I blogged on a website that was not our own? Of course being that I know this I’m not going to switch to something that is inferior to xanga. Which is why we’ve paid a lot of attention to our blogging features.

As a result I will not be holding my annual booty contest I’ve held here in March for the last two years. I will however be holding it on socialmore if there are enough participants. I may have to skip a year until we build enough of a membership. I don’t know. It just depends on how quick the site takes off.

I will of course be taking all my existing xanga blog entries with me. As we will allow easy importation of xanga accounts, facebook accounts, LJ, wordpress, blogger and more.

I very much like xanga and I absolutely love the community here, all my readers and all the people I read. Obviously no one is stopping you from having an account on both websites, so I hope you do join me there in February.

I’m not leaving yet. I will continue to blog here until February. This is just a three month heads up.


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  1. @WordsandThoughts – You may definitely play. It’s been pretty successful the last two years. I upped the stakes in 2010 by giving both the male and female winner a 6 month xanga premium membership. By moving it to socialmore I can up the stakes even more. ;)

  2. Good luck!!! Do just let us know how the process goes. Thank you so much for loving us here! It is nice having you as my friend. Thank you so much. I will keep an eye out for that new social networking site you’re working on! Best of luck, buddy!

  3. Use the booty contest to drive up membership.  You can make it a craigslist contest and have people participate by sending in their butt photos.  Then turn around and promote it on craigslist to have people come and vote.  You can repeat the process with Facebook.  You have a Facebook best butt contest.

  4. host a mens’ swim shorts contest—the sexiest bulge and butt so they have to send in front, back and side views remember to post the sample pics of you

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