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Slowly I’m trying to get myself in better shape. I wouldn’t say I’ve really been working out, but I’ve been doing push-ups and stuff on a regular basis again. I’ve seen some short improvements in my muscles getting tighter and my ability to do more push ups over the last two weeks. In two more weeks I’ll start the weight training again.

I quit smoking back in December. Well not completely. I actually switched to vaping instead. I don’t feel nearly as drained as I did when I was smoking. But it’s not as good as completely quitting either. Still it’s better.

I’ve noticed I’m been eating a lot in the last month or so. I don’t know why, but I have a huge appetite. I would say it’s because I quit smoking but this didn’t start until a month or so after I quit.
But unfortunately I noticed that I now have love handles. I don’t like those. Hence the working out.

I’ve really gotten involved in filmmaking again. As a result I’ve started writing again. Continuing work on a couple of my feature film scripts and started a new short film script.

I’m saving my pennies and have my eye set on a new Canon T2i that was just released today. That camera is a shoestring budget filmmakers dream. Plus being that it’s also a stills camera, my photography hobby can jump back into full swing. I’ve been stuck doing photography with my point and shoot camera and my iphone.

I’m thinking about doing wedding videos as a side job. It’s not really my thing but the money would be nice. It would help me buy better gear at the very least. I do corporate video professionally so this is still within my field.
I’ve already had my girlfriends friend ask me if I would shoot her wedding and a guy I work with does wedding photography on the side and was looking for a video guy to refer to clients.
I’m tired of seeing him buy the latest and greatest cameras the moment they come out. He probably has about $10k worth of photo gear. I want in on that action. I’m tired of having to scrap together for months just to buy a $500 camera. My day job pays the bills and just gets me by, it doesn’t leave me with much room to grow my gear.
None of this will probably start happening till a few months for now. Even so it’s still all up in the air.

Anyway, that’s about all that’s going on personally.

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  1. For weight loss cardio is the best especially for weird places like love handles, running is a great option. Where as push ups will just increase the muscles in your arms. Anyway goodluck saving for the camera.

  2. yay for working out! it’s the best. :D
    GL with saving for your camera, I wish I was good enough where I would need to save for a professional one LOL

  3. Oh… I just figured it out… You can’t get rid of that love handle by exercising sweety… I hate to break it to you, but you were born with that handle (a nice one at that ), so quit trying!

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