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Things are moving slow. I kinda feel like like an ass for saying we’re opening two months ago and then we didn’t. But things are looking up. We set a date. It’s February 4th, 2011 where we open our doors to everyone. December 1st is when we “hope” to begin testing it with a limited audience. It’s going to be very basic to begin with. We’re going to test the crap out of it and then keep adding the rest as we go. 

It’s already all laid out. But we have to take it in stages. I’m excited. Very excited. Because I really want to use it myself. That’s the biggest reason I designed it. I hope others want to use and find it really useful as well.

Getting people there is going to be the hardest part. Keeping them there is going to be dependent upon whether other people are there. It’s always a catch 22. You have to find a way to break that cycle and once people are there you have to find a way to reestablish that cycle so that people don’t want to leave.

Facebook is not popular because it’s a great system. It’s popular because it’s popular. So we can’t be facebook. We have to be something different and we are. Although those who first use it in the beginning may not fully see how different. Because not everything will be up and running in the first few months. But I think there are a couple of things that will catch peoples eye right from the beginning.

I know there are hurdles we don’t foresee. But if we take it in stride all should be well.

As a friend of mine recently said to me “no one is going back to myspace and facebook is going to get old with people pretty soon. You’ve got a hell of a thing here and I really want to use it. I think others will too.”

It’s things like that that keep my faith up.

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  1. To be honest, it will be hard to get me away from xanga, unless you think I would want to use both. But it will have to be really good and different for me to use it regularly on top of already using xanga and facebook. I’m still looking forward to seeing it though.

  2. @roxics – I use facebook to keep in touch with friends and family. I don’t use xanga for that. I like xanga because of the community feel of it. It seems a lot easier than other sites like blogger or wordpress, to get people to read your posts and comment on them. And I enjoy the variety of different blogs on here. I like the functions such as replying to comments, recs, and pulses.

  3. @roxics – Yeah but my point still remains. I’m happy with xanga and facebook. I don’t feel the need to join another site “unless” it’s extremely better. Otherwise, what’s the point? Like I said, I’m looking forward to seeing it.

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