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  1. I cant wait to get one of those Nikon digitals, I have a N70 with some really good lenses but the digital version of Nikon is still a little pricey. Do you have any filters for the lenses, if not, try some. They’re cheap and lend a softness to portraits.

  2. Oh my god- that’s exactly right. All of it.
    I’m so scared of leaving home, and I have all these “irrational” fears, but I recently found out it’s nothing like that. I fear that I won’t have control over things I always have. And, it’s a terrifying thought for me. Usually I try to distract myself but it hardly ever works, I’m in such a deep hole that I can’t crawl out of. But lately I’ve been trying to tell myself, ” So what, what will happen? You’ll die? That’s it. You won’t die, but if you do, that’s the worst, and that’s it.” And, I guess that helps. It’s terrible though, because I’ve had it my whole life and I’m only deciding now to maybe get some medications. I guess it’s all in growing up though, hopefully it’ll leave.

  3. Hey, Josh looks better than me.  HAHA!  I guess having blue eyes is a trend here!  I love it.  You are a wonderful photographer and have a natural eye!  MUAH!

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