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I’ll be honest. The fashion world confuses me. Every time I see clips of runway models doing their walk, the first thing that comes to my mind is “what the fuck!” I’ve seen better fashion from drag queens on Jerry Springer. Thank god this plastic wrap shit doesn’t end up in stores where we commoners spend our money.

Now I know this is the new world and this blog is supposed to be all open minded and pushing the boundaries of how to approach things. So let me take this negative stance toward the fashion industry and put a positive spin on it. The one thing I do like about the fashion industry, there are no patents. That’s a beautiful thing. It means that anyone can take someones design and rework or improve upon it. This scares some. But in reality it hasn’t hurt the fashion industry. Fashion is everywhere, including those knock off designer handbags you can find from street vendors. But it doesn’t stop people from throwing down big money for the real thing, if even just for gloating.

If only we could carry this over into other industries, we might just live in a better world where innovation moves even faster that it does today. Even if some of that innovation shows itself in the form of a model in plastic wrap looking like a space villain from a low budget sci-fi flick.

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