It’s so easy for women

All they have to do is put on something sexy and give you that “come fuck me face” and guys fall all over them. When guys do it though, women just laugh at us. It’s so difficult being a guy and figuring out what women find sexy.

When I was single the only women that seemed to give me any attention were the fat chicks. I’m sorry if I offend anyone but here’s how I see it, I’m not fat, so why would I want to date a fat chick? Call me an asshole and shallow all you want, I don’t care how beautiful they are on the inside if they can’t get me off on the outside. Physical attraction is just as important as personality. So in my dating profiles I used to put “no fat chicks please”. Unfortunately this kind of backfires since 99% of the women out there seem to think they’re fat no matter how skinny they are. The rest just thought I was an asshole for putting it there. Sorry if I was blunt, but lets be honest, after a while of going to the bars and hitting on decent looking women and getting rejected, only to have the fat ones ask you to dance, you get a little bitter.

I guess the only thing I can really say is that the fat ones are usually better at identifing the decent guys. And yes I’m going to be arrogant and call myself a decent guy. I think I am. I know I am.

Lets just say I’m lucky I found a girl who is both physically and mentally attractive and seems to love me as much as I do her. But it wasn’t easy. So haha all you other skinny chicks that lost out.  You had your chance and you fucked up, next time you go to the bar and see a quiet guy like me, run the fuck over and do everything you can to swoon them. Those douchebag guys you usually talk to and gush over are only going to break your heart.

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  1. I have always had a hard time meeting guys. I am really very shy. So, I date from the internet. I have had 4 very disappointing years. Please read my latest post! This is just ONE nut job of many. All were professional guys!! So, being a female is not any easier. 

  2. I think the reason “fat” chicks are able to see the good in people and try to hook up with decent guys, as yourself, is because they are able to see inside their own selves. 
    Woman that are beautiful (modelesque) are normally arrogant and only into themselves.  They don’t have any “inner beauty” themselves, therefore can not recognize inner beauty in others.  Even if the women are slightly average, however skinny, they may have low self esteem, therefore go for guys that they feel are on their “level”.  Some women look at the outside only so they can have something to make themselves feel better about themselves.  Which in return normally turns out to be a bad relationship.  The “bad boy” immage is a perfect example of that. 
    I honestly do not understand why guys like yourself are passed up.  You’re hot, you have a great body, great sense of style AND you’re an awesome conversationalist.  I’m so glad I wised up and took you off the market!

  3. @watersedge62 – You’re probably right. it’s hard to know these things because from a  guys perspective we always think women are getting hit on at bars and clubs. Whereas guys like myself can go to bars and clubs for months and get nothing. As the old saying goes if a women wants sex all she needs to do is walk out her front door. But I guess to a women that’s just sex. From a guys perspective it seems like 9 times out of 10 if we have sex with a girl, we also have a choice to be in a relationship with them. Or maybe that’s just me, because every girl I’ve had sex with has wanted something more from me. So it’s always been my choice as to whether I wanted it to go elsewhere.
    But I guess if I look at if from the reverse that means there are women left high and dry going “what did I do wrong?”
    Sounds like you might need to try a different type of guy. Hope you find him. Stay away from the guys with crazy stories. lol

  4. @jewjewbeedragon – I completely agree with you. Fat chicks, though not all of them for sure, seem to be better judges of character. However you are an exception. Beautiful, intelligent, interesting and dynamite in bed. I’m so glad you and I found each other. 

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