It’s been fun but… penis out!

This was really an experiment. I wanted to see if guys got the same reaction that women did when they put something like this up. Turns out they don’t. Yeah you get a few comments that are all “hot damn” and stuff like that. But mostly it was shock value kinda comments. Even then, only 25 comments total. Whereas others who talked about it on their blog or in a pulse got nearly twice as many comments. More than the original post itself.

So I pulled the post. It’s not worth it for only 25 comments.

However there was other interesting data from this experiment. There were a lot of guys that viewed it. Even though they new full well what it was.

So gentlemen, in other words, it’s not worth it to put up a nude picture of yourself.

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  1. @infinitely_invisible – BAAHAHAHAHAH

    It all depends on your circle of friends and if nudity is their cup of tea. A lot of men will view those type of posts as a self coparison thing to see if they can make themselves feel good. Most how ever would be too afriad to comment for the mere fact that they could be referred to as a homosexual. plus as you mentioned it was mostly shock value comments. you have to take into concideration that female nudity is very common around here, so when a man bares it all it is shocking and most people wouldn’t know how to comment on it. So for every shock value comment you recieved, there were probably about 10 other members thinking the same thing who didnt know what the hell to say.

    I admire the fact that you did the post in the first place. Many could perceive that post as ‘man whorish’, but It earned my respect. Congratulations. And I’d have to agree with Becca… I think its totally worth it. But to get a better idea of the outcome.. I think more men should drop their pants for this experiment… for scientifical purposes of course =)

  2. Psh… I wish I could get 25 comments for a shirtless pic. lol My “opinion” post from yesterday had one of the highest recent comment counts. And I didn’t even flash my six-pack! My ego would be crushed if I posted a Full Monty photo and got a scattering of responses. I think Paige is right. Guys are too easy.

  3. @Bambii_Doll – Your absolutely right. I wish people were more advanced and not so afraid. 

    @MyxlDove – I’m not down and out about it. It’s just not worth it to keep it going with only a trickle of comments on the actual post itself. Not when other posts talking about it are getting nearly twice as many.  I’m not hear to drive conversation to other people’s blogs. I’m here to drive it to my own. 

  4. @MyxlDove – To make myself even more clear. I appreciate the comments I did get. I don’t feel ashamed. I also don’t feel like a don’t stack up. Some dude could post his 11″ log on here and I wouldn’t feel like less of a man or anything. I’ve come to be perfectly content with my object. It serves me well. 

    But as said. We do these things for the comments. It’s a very vain thing. When you don’t get the numbers you’re looking for, you ask yourself why you even bothered.

  5. hmmm. now I feel sad that I didn’t get to see if you replied to my comment. the only reason why I comment is for replies.


    ps  I wouldn’t want to have sex with an 11″ anything. (I believe you’d be a bit too much for me)

  6. @roxics – Understandable. I hope my comment didn’t imply that I thought you were ashamed or somehow insecure. That wasn’t my intent. I think the number of men (and women) wanting to see female nudity FAR exceeds the number of women (or men) wanting to see male nudity. By several thousands.  

  7. do you also mean the content of the comment as well because I would’ve said something else but you have a gf, so I kept it a simple and nice comment instead.

  8. Most of the times when I did it, it was equal horny comments and envy. But you are right that other than the comments the person in the picture responded to, people do seem to comment on the women more.

    There is a margin of error in your experiment, though. On Xanga, you see pics of women’s ass, boobs, their curves, and them showing themselves, either naked or half-naked every other day of the week. So, seeing women is a lot more common than it is to see men. And as you noticed, women seem to like the idea of seeing men. Another margin or error is that you showed your picture right when many people might have already been sleeping (thus missing the pics). Hehe!

    Nonetheless, great experiment. You should ask the people who want to see it, if they want to see it again. And if so, to send their email. Haha!

  9. Well, it depends on how many friends you have, I guess. Also, it depends on whether or not you’re ugly.
    Sad to say, but seriously. If you’re ugly it’s like “gtfo”
    you should have just time stamped it for like a day, it would have made like 500 views in a night and probably half the comments.

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