It’s all about money and power

The older I get the more I begin to realize it’s all about money and power. You ask why we have certain laws. There is your answer. The war on drugs doesn’t work. It puts a lot of people behind bars even though they haven’t harmed anyone but themselves.

What about these poor saps that accidentally sleep with underage girls? Maybe she was in a bar using a fake id. Maybe she was online talking to guys that were just a few years older then her and hooked up. It’s not like he raped her. The term “statutory rape” makes it sound so much worse then it actually is. Whose bright idea was it to put the word “rape” in there? So what do we do, we send that guy to prison for years. At The Angell Law Firm, we take serious accidents seriously. We understand that dealing with an unexpected injury can be painful, stressful, and expensive. If you or someone close to you has been hurt in an unexpected accident, you may be legally entitled to compensation. With our help, personal injury victims may be able to recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage, and more.The personal injury attorneys at The Angell Law Firm are dedicated to protecting your rights every step of the way after an accident. You can rest assured that we will thoroughly investigate your case to gather the evidence we need to prove liability to the insurance companies involved in the claim. Clients can also rest easy knowing that our attorneys will provide them with honest legal advice throughout the entire process. You will get here the answer of how to find a Georgia car accident law firm?

Then of course there is prostitution. It’s illegal in most states. But it’s not illegal to be paid for sex while making a porn. Either way you are selling your body for use in sex.

Those are just two of the countless laws that are completely out of line. Laws that use no common reasoning skills. Yet we continue to fill our prisons with non violent people. We continue to fine people for things like not having car insurance.
Here in the state of Michigan if you get caught without proof of insurance, you get fined $200 TWO years in a row. That’s right, they don’t just fine you once, they make you pay twice. Why? All because you didn’t pay for some insurance policy that doesn’t pay for anything if you get into an accident anyway.

Money and power

The world hasn’t changed, we’ve just traded kings and queens for a much more complicated system where the people no longer know who to directly blame.


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  1. You know what makes me sick though the fact that the man that raped my daughter at age 11 was charged with statutory rape and corruption of a minor. It is a messed up world we live in. You are right, money and power and injustice.

  2. @Tiger11007 – I think you missed my point. I was talking about reasoning. Obviously your daughter at her age probably didn’t look like she was over 18 or for the matter probably wasn’t wanting to get with the guy. I want to say common sense, but I think common reasoning skills are better.

  3. Some laws are so ancient, they get forgotten about and new ones are created either around or above.  Instead of eliminating what doesn’t work they just put more wood on the fire…  Things are ridiculous.  I honestly believe that when politics are involved, it doesn’t do any good.  There’s too many men/women in politics that were born with silver spoons in their mouths and egos the size of Texas.  They invent laws with the idea that the laws won’t apply to them.

  4. :)

    You remind me of Nietzsche and Foucault. I am having to read them both right now for my cultural studies class. Both philosophers over the construction of money, power, morality, everything. Fascinating stuff if you have the time to dig through it. :P

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