Ish sites must die!

I’m a pretty accepting guy, but I’ve had enough of these ish sites. I think xanga really needs to redirect bloggers to the actual authors site itself. At the very least combine the comments so people aren’t getting two different streams of comments from two different places on the same entry.

I know why the ish sites exist. Advertising. More banner-ad space. Listen I really don’t mind the banners on xanga, even on my own blog. I’m even willing to click on them from time to time to help the site make some coin. But when you’re going to build a site that is dependent on banking off of other peoples content, at least have the decency to give those people as much credit/exposure as possible.

That’s just how I feel.

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  1. I agree with you. Completely.

    I don’t mind the ads either personally. Besides only a few really good entries by real people come up or xanga celebs which I hate reading cause they are on the page 24/7.

  2. Ish sites are little more than spectacles for Xanga rubber-necker’s these days, They hardly ever have any content of substance and survive on crass rude commenter’s and shock value.  

  3. I agree with the combining comments for the same blog. I have some of my posts submitted to ish sites and I hate having to go back and forth to read the comments there and on my personal blog site. Gah, it’s a pain.

  4. I understand, I would like it better if like idk maybe the ish sites just linked it to ur site or Idk I actually want my post to draw attention to my real site ya know. I truthfully never look at the ad’s on here, most of them look stupid or I just ignore the fact that they are here. But that being said If I do post something really good or want lots of opinion, or I want everyone to see I will got to a ish site or make steps to make it public.

    @chrissiibear – I agree, I hate having to keep going back to the ish sites or where ever its posted to look at the comments.

  5. Xanga just started adding more traffic by driving traffic to top blogs.  I realize they need to make some money so I guess there has to be a happy medium.  I would like to see them get even more aggressive but the current format keeps me happy.  

  6. I liked the xanga feature where everyday people, who have recently updated their blog were shown on the front page so the blogger gets more exposure that way too. I don’t like the popularity contests where some bloggers write for the audience. I like to read real emotions like real online diaries from bloggers like the good old days of emo-bloggers.

  7. @aqua_aiko – What you speak of is the era of LiveJournal. Back in the early 00’s everyone had a Livejournal. At least everyone I knew and those people knew. But most people used LJ like people today use facebook status updates. The difference was they told you about their whole day, it wasn’t just a quick thought like a status update.

    But LJ never really had a great community experience like xanga has. Like facebook you’re friends were pretty much the people you knew in real life. Xanga on the other hand is more like article style blogging and people frome all over you don’t know in real life read it. You also get more comments on xanga as a result.  

  8. I would like to see xanga get simplified down again. There is just something about the ish sites that rubs me the wrong way. I don’t know what it is.

  9. @roxics – LJ has too many people so you get overlooked amongst a sea of people while xanga is like a small sweet home alabama type of friendly yet dramatic community because everyone seems familiar. I think some of the ish sites are amusing. I remember a xangalebrity added me before a while ago but he never once checked out my page so I deleted him because he is just about popularity. I miss the old xanga but the new one with ish sites is sometimes interesting. I like the healthkicker blogs.

  10. whenever I want an immediate response, I think yahoo answers is ideal to garner more public opinions the fastest within minutes of posting a question. I think xanga should let users sign up in a random drawing and whoever is chosen will be the featured blogger for the week or day at the very top of the xanga page sort of like student of the month special treatment lol, so the blogger can gain some recognition I agree that the ish sites should redirect bloggers to the original site.

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