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  1. Yes. Heaven is fair, good and equally overwhelming and perfect for all who share in Christ’s presence there. There is no suffering, no class division, and shalom (holistic peace) permeates everything.

  2. I’ve always assumed it was at the very least Socialist, but then I’m less concerned about Heaven than I am about the Kingdom of God, which Jesus seemed to think was going to be “on Earth, as it is in heaven.”

  3. @chrissiibear – This is a post about it. lol

    @TheGreatBout – Are you sure about that? Can you give reference in scripture that supports this?

    @musterion99 – Agreed.

    @PastorSZ – I guess both would be equally valid things to questions. But eventually you’d end up in heaven if you made it to the Kingdom of God. Or am I wrong?

    @Of_Ravens_And_Roses – Don’t be so sure. There may not be tangible scientific proof for its existence, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a possibility.

  4. Communism in it’s purest form is perfect.  But since man is totally depraved, communism will be completely and totally evil. 

    In Heaven, we are all equal under Christ. 

  5. Forom what i have read heaven is totality without material. The issue is mute, no there need to take the another s possessions, pool  them,  then resubstitute them. So no in heaven there is no theft of property, which is what communism is all about

  6. @trunthepaige – What about non-material elements like jealousy and envy, anger, sadness and greed? Apparently these must exist right? Otherwise why would Satan have felt the need to fall from grace and why would God anger and angels weep. 

  7. @roxics – They do seem to exist don’t they. Not that I know, but I doubt that heaven is totally conflict free. But with no reason to process goods, redistribution of possessions serves no purpose

  8. @roxics – Sure man. Hebrews 9:24 lets us know that God’s presence is permeating heaven. Christian tradition defines heaven as the presence of God and hell as being outside that presence (that’s the simplified version anyway). In one section of Revelation (21:1-7) John tells us of what the new heavens and earth (what most people call “heaven”) will have no death, tears, pain, and that God will dwell among his people and be with them. Everyone in his presence will be freely quenched of their thirst. Galatians 3:28-29 tells us that racial/class/gender divisions are destroyed and everyone is united as equals in Christ. This is why God is merciful to all people (?) – they are all equal to him.

    I don’t believe “heaven” to be communist but I believe it to be fair and good because it is the fulfilled kingdom of God (this is how Jesus describes the reign of God) and thus is it as we desires, because he has made it so (the Revelation passage also states he makes all things new). To call heaven communist would fall short because communism is a man made way of life filled with error. It simply doesn’t compare.

  9. goodness….all this idle chatter…everything is perfect bliss in heaven so there can’t be jealousy, class divisions, anger, etc.etc.. all that is left behind in our earthly existence, silly boy.

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