Is Global Warming a Fraud?

Al Gore and a lot of other environmentalists are on a rampage to make everything greener. This has become a staple of pop culture these days. Everyone is going green. They say that if we don’t do something, we are going to seriously harm our existence on earth, as well as the existence of several other plants and animals.

There are after all signs that we are hurting the environment and we need to change our ways. Global warming as they say is a serious threat. As a result, Mr. Gore and others want us to start transitioning over to electric cars, renewable energy (solar, wind, ect) and become more efficient in our daily lives in regards to reducing pollution and other hazardous threats to our environment.

However, there are those that don’t believe global warming is a man made occurrence and some that don’t believe it’s even taking place at all. It is their belief that this is just a natural cycle of the earth and that these problems are not caused by us.

I’ll be honest. I don’t have all the information. What I know I’ve heard from sound bites, radio interviews and Al Gores film  “An Inconvenient Truth”. But here is my take on it. Even if Global Warming is simply a natural cycle unspurred by mankind, aren’t we still better off living greener lives? Aren’t we still better off using renewable energy rather than burning the limited supply of oil we have? Aren’t we still better off driving electric cars and not polluting our cities with smog? Aren’t we still better off recycling and using less materials? Aren’t we still better off cutting down less trees? Aren’t we still better off aligning our lives in harmony with nature and the world we live in?

All conspiracy theories and disagreements aside, I don’t think it takes an environmental scientist to see the affect we have on the world around us and the harm we’ve done to wildlife with our pollution, urban sprawl and deforestation. Not to mention the affect it has on us. 

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  1. Global warming or “Climate change” is impossible to prove or disprove.  For every person on one side, there is a person on the other side.  It is impossible for a person to figure it out and I really think most of the “experts” on both sides are really just talking out of their butt.

    However, if you leave garbage around your house for months and don’t clean it up, what will the result be?  The same goes with the planet.  You have to clean up after yourself or their will be a consequence.

  2. You said it!

    Haha, I just saw “This Is It” (the Michael Jackson movie). In it, he spoke about how he thought we should be treating our Earth much better than we are. And there was no mention of global warming… I think the point is that it’s possible to still care about our home and not “believe” in global warming.

  3. I’m more concerned about deforestation and over-fishing than global warming. Humans may have already turned a corner in the worst way whether or not global warming is in play. I agree that it just makes sense to green down back to Earth if we hope to continue to improve quality of human life.

  4. Bottom line is that the earth’s population has increased logarithmically over the last few decades, and underdeveloped countries are developing fast. All of this increases pollution and decreases resources. So we better figure out some solutions and cooperate in implementing them, or the earth won’t be able to support so many people.

  5. I agree. Either way, we’re all better off going green. Even if smog doesn’t hurt the atmosphere (which I find hard to believe), it has been linked to lung cancer in people, for example.

    I find it hard to believe that we could do so many nasty things to the earth and not have it be affected somehow. And it really makes me roll my eyes when people decide that since we still have cold winters, that must mean there is no such thing as global warming. Which just means they don’t even understand what it is.

    Either way, though, going green would be healthier for people in the long and the short run. So, I don’t see what there is to be so stubborn about. :/ And you’re right, a lot of the resources and materials that we’re using right now are not renewable. Which means they have a limit. Eventually, we’re going  use them all up. Then what? It might be too late to go green by then, just simply because by the time his is realized there may not be time to sustain life while new things are developed and implemented and made to work. Considering that nobody ever considers fixing a problem anymore until the solution for it is going to take far longer to develop and/or implement than we seem to have the time for.

  6. Pollutants in the air make the earth absorb more heat from the sun.

    It is not the only thing that effects the temperature of the earth, the sea level, weather patterns, the ice caps etc.

    It is however the one thing we can change, and we really need to because while the sun is in a relative cooling cycle at the moment giving us a reprieve from the effects of global warming, we know this cycle to be, well, cyclical.  And when it ends we’re gonna be double-fucked if we don’t do something about it now.

  7. I took a geology class last semester with a geologist/environmental scientist as my professor. He addressed this issue which he thought was very amusing due to recent political panic. He said that with the cycles of the earth as well as the temperatures we were experiencing, we are still considered to be in an Ice Age. He explained that the earth naturally goes through cycles of ice and hot. True, humans are affecting the environment, but during the time of the dinosaurs, there was still so much carbon breaking down from the forming of the earth that there really wasn’t that much more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere than what there is right now. He basically told us that yes, humans are affecting the environment, but it really is minor when you look at the history of the earth. He told us to keep it in perspective, basically. Even with global warming, we will still be in an ice age for thousands of years to come. The ice caps have melted before in earth’s history and the world did not fall apart. I am going with this guy’s word since he is in many think tanks across the nation and a leader in the geology field. He was even one of the main scientists that worked on the Ice Man that was found. I’ll take his word over Al Gore’s, I think. lol. 

  8. Yes, it’s fraudulent. We may be better off greener, but please don’t worship Mother Earth. It did not create us, but God.

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