iPod Touch vs Zune HD

Here comes the gadget geek in me once again. 

I’ve been an ipod user for the last several years. When they first came out I really didn’t pay much attention to them. They were too expensive, they were mac only and I was perfectly content with my discman and minidisk player. It wasn’t until the iPod mini came out that I started to pay attention, but even then I didn’t make the jump. 
When the first iPod nano was released I bought one, dropped it on the floor the first week I had it and it stopped working. Odd, I thought. So I took it back to the store and paid a little more to get a full sized 30GB iPod video. I didn’t think I would use the video feature much but I ended up loving it. Same is true of the ipod in general. 
I had already been using iTunes for a few years on my computer as it was. So the iPod was a natural choice for me. I notice a lot of people tend to buy ipods and then start using iTunes. It was the other way around for me. 
About six months to a year later I bought a second generation iPod Shuffle. It was cheap enough and I just wanted a new toy at the time. I also ended up loving that and still have it.
At some point a couple years ago I bought an iPhone, but I didn’t have it for long. I still had my contract with Spint the the AT&T service and prices were horrible. So I got rid of it. 
A little while later I came into a bit of a financial situation and ended up selling my full sized iPod to a friend. From there I spend a good nine months with only my shuffle. Then after winning a contest at work I was rewarded a $100 gift card to the Apple store and found myself buying a black forth generation nano. Although it doesn’t have the same capacity as my old full sized ipod, I also began listening to my music differently during my nine months with only my shuffle, so the smaller capacity really didn’t affect me much. In fact even right now it’s not completely filled up. 
The reality is when I owned my full sized ipod (that could hold 30GB’s), my entire music collection was only about 25GB’s. Now my music collection is well over 80GB’s and I really don’t care if I take it all with me anymore. I simply don’t listen to most of it. I just create a few playlists of stuff I’m into right now, as well as a whole bunch of podcasts and take that with me. 
I’ve considered getting an iPhone again but realistically I don’t want a large monthly service bill. It’s not that important to me. Right now I have a Palm Centro smart phone and really only use it for four things, a phone, txting, an alarm and a calculator. 
That said I’ve been considering an upgrade to an iPod Touch. It’s pretty much everything the iPhone is but without the phone (which I already have a phone) and without the $80 a month bill that’s required for the cheapest iPhone plan. 
But there is one other thing the iphone has that I really like that the iPod Touch doesn’t, a camera. 
The camera on the iphone isn’t great, but the fact that it comes attached to a big 3.5″ screen where you can easily zoom in and out of your photos and flip through them, makes it a pretty great experience and a joy to use. In fact when I had my iphone I used it quite a bit, which is a hell of a lot more then I’ve ever used a camera on any other phone. 
Rumor has it though that the new ipod touch will have a camera on it. If that’s the case I may jump on board. 
But then there is the Zune. I’ve never really taken the zune very seriously. I always thought the hardware looked nice and the software on the hardware seemed pretty nice as well. But the software for the computer kinda sucked in my opinion compared to itunes. The reality is I used iTunes before I ever thought about buying an ipod. It’s one of the reasons I bought an ipod, because I like itunes so much and they tie in together. But I don’t feel the same about the Zune software. I’ve never felt compelled to use it without owning a Zune device.
Well, even though that’s true, the new Zune HD Microsoft just announced looks really tempting. It comes equiped with a 3.3″ OLED multi-touch screen. Which should be a much nicer looking screen then the current iphone or ipod touch. It also has a built in HD radio, which I hear HD radios are pretty expensive by their lonesome and I’m surprised the ipod never included a built in radio, so this is a nice feature over the ipod. Plus it has HD video output from a dock to a TV and built in wi-fi like the touch has. It’s industrial design is also pretty cool looking. But no camera. 
Neither the new Zune HD nor the new iPod Touch will be relased till around September. So there is time to think about this. Plus the iPod is just rumored right now, so it could end up alot nicer or not as nice (i.e. no camera afterall) then the Zune.
I guess one thing is for sure though, these next generation devices are going to be pretty frickin’ cool.
What do you guys think? Any itouch users or zune users out there?   

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