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In about a month we’re going to be opening up the beta of

SocialMore is a next generation social network for staying in touch with people in real life and meeting new people.  It’s a better alternative to facebook.
We’ve got a lot of very cool stuff in store but we’re going to need some people to help us get it all tested before we launch the public beta that’s open to everyone. By testing we mean using the site and reporting any problems you have with it.

Reply here or shoot me an email roxics at gmail dot com if you want to be invited and be one of the first to join this site. We’re not beyond rewarding beta testers.

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20 thoughts on “Invitation Only

  1. I might help out if things calm down in my life more. But. You might… maybe wanna reconsider the name? That’s just kinda weird. “I’m on socialmore”. “Add me as a friend on socialmore”. I don’t know, it doesn’t really … go. It “looks” weird too. Aesthetics are important. That’s just my opinion though.

  2. That is so interesting… I’d want to be a tester… This sort of stuff always interests me. you can get a hold of me at ……

    I’m not on xanga too much anymore so email is the best way to contact me. I’ll probably shoot you an email as well.

    Good luck!

  3. @BohemianLotus – 

    name isn’t going to change. I realize it isn’t the greatest name, but we’re actually lucky to get it, pretty much every domain name that uses English words are taken. We do also have but we think that’s harder to say.

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