Internet Explorer users aren’t web savvy

How many of you still use Internet Explorer?

You don’t have to fess up. Just know that there are much better options out there. As a web designer and someone who works for a web media company, those of us in this field hate Internet Explorer. It’s a pain in the ass to code for because it doesn’t use any standards compliant rendering. You should probably know that.

Better choices include: (the following are links)


Please do us all a favor and stop using Internet Explorer. Its clear that if you still do you’re obviously someone who is behind the times. Please use one of the standards compliant browsers above if you want to see web pages correctly. Most every designer I know or have ever run across designs for Firefox first and then does bug fixes to the sites for IE second.

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  1. Ack! I’m on IE right now. But I hate using it – I’m only on it because it’s such a pain to download firefox onto the school computers every time. I could do like one of my friends does, and keep firefox on a flash drive, but there’s no guarantee that I will bring my flash drive with me any given time I might want to use the computer.

    So tell the government that they should use firefox on school computers!

  2. Pshaw…web browsers?  I jack-in with the power of my mind via the I/O ports wired directly into my brain.  Just call me Neo.

    Oh, wait…I use IE.  Crap.

    I too am in the position of spending much of my time on institutional machines that won’t allow Firefox.  As for my personal computer, I have no excuse other than the safety of familiarity.  My wife, on the other hand, uses Firefox almost exlusively.

  3. *singsong voice* I use Firefox… :)

    By the way, I saw your birthday post and forgot to wish you a happy birthday. I’m sorry… but congratulations on another year anyway. And on your new camera :D
    I was wondering if you have your pictures on deviant art, and if you wouldn’t mind my looking? I like to pretend that I know things about photography.
    Take care

  4. I used to use Firefox before we got our Mac, and I loved it… but I found the Mac version to be very buggy, and Safari was better, so I just stuck with Safari.  Naturally, I use Safari on my iPhone.

    That said, I use IE at work.  I hate the menus… they’re confusing… but the tabs are nice (my old work computer’s version of IE did not have tabs).  I don’t have too many problems with it, but I read a lot of stories about security flaws in IE and I’m glad I only use it to read the news and go on Xanga :)

  5. @ithiliya – I had the same problems with firefox on mac and went back to version 2.0 where everything worked. But now V3.0 works fine with Leopard. I’m using it right now.

    I like Safari too, but I’m more inclined to use firefox because of all the extensions and search engines I have for it.

  6. @mysterylad – It shouldn’t be too big of a leap for you. Especially if you made the change from IE6 to 7. Not sure if you did. I think you’d like Firefox a lot, there are a lot of handy add-on’s for it. Not to mention it’s much more web standards friendly.
    Use FF for a week and you’ll probably never want to go back, by then it will be just as familiar to you.

  7. @happyjen85 – Of course you are. I can’t keep up with all the changes on the web myself, but some things remain good for a while. Like Firefox.
    Some people and I were joking at work that the internet basically runs on dog years. For every one year of real life the internet leaps forward 7 years. :)

  8. @la_faerie_joyeuse – Don’t tell anyone I said this, but someone should come up with a virus that installs Firefox on everyone’s windows machine and makes it their default browser. Maybe even skins it to look like IE.

  9. @ithiliya – Oh BTW have you checked out Camino for mac? It uses the firefox engine but it’s built exclusively for mac. It’s kinda nice. Even if just as a backup browser.

  10. My university compters only have IE7 and we’re not allowed to install anything else.  It’s awful.  I only use firefox or elinks at home, of course, and dillo for html emails.

  11. Thankfully, the computers at school have both IE7 and Firefox and you can choose between them.  Whenever my professors use IE though, I sort of cringe.  I’ve been using Firefox for years now and would never go back to IE.  I tried using Safari but it was acting up for some reason.  I think my computer doesn’t like it haha.  I hear Chrome isn’t all that either…but I haven’t tried it myself.

  12. @torontobabyblue – I don’t think Chrome is that great as far as features. It needs a lot of work. But it’s built on the webkit engine (same as Safari) so at least it deals with rendering web pages properly.

  13. I’ve been using Firefox for a while now.  I had to switch because IE kept crashing on the sites I was visiting (Xanga included).

    I like the spell-check feature in this new version.  There’s no excuse for misspelling words now (but you can sure tell who’s not using Firefox!).

  14. I loathe IE. It is sooooooo slooooooooow. And so messy! Always trying to cram unnecessary toolbars down my throat. I had Flock for a while, which wasn’t too bad and was great for uploading gazillions of pictures like I do, but then I got Chrome the day it came out, and I am still in love with it. <3 

  15. My computer is a mac, so IE doesn’t work on it. I guess I’m spoiled like that. Even when I did use a PC, I used firefox. I’m not all that tech savvy, but IE never did work right.

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