I’m wearing nail polish on my toes

Because I’m tired of gender stereotypes. I’m tired of society saying that men shouldn’t do these things. I’m tired of people questioning a mans sexuality because he expresses some color or some feminine fashion style. Every time a man or women chastises a man for doing something feminine they are basically slapping the women’s rights movement in the face. Why? Because they are basically saying that feminine is weaker and less desirable and that men shouldn’t stoop to such things.

It’s the same thing when they call guys “gay” as an insult. It’s basically saying “you bend over and take it up the ass” or “you suck cock” as if those are submissive things and submission is weakness. Which means all straight/bi women are weak.  

These are things that need to change in our society. 


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0 thoughts on “I’m wearing nail polish on my toes

  1. Well, guys can still paint or color their nails, right? Heh!
    I wish I could do most of this, too. Maybe bring back some sort of Glam rock swagger that comes with a bit of genderfucking and challenging of social expectations.

  2. @roxics – Because I don’t have the stuff. Haha! Maybe some other time, I’d do some fun crossdressing, but it’s not as easy when you don’t have the makeup and stuff to do it with. Haha! 

  3. Totally. Luckily I have a lot of guys in my life who break those boundaries daily. They give me hope… because I do still know a lot of people who are stuck within the confines of what people tell them their gender should be. The most people who push those boundaries the easier it is to say “Hey, you can be whatever you want.”

  4. you can get away with it because you still look masculine with your facial hair and deep voice. the prettybooy types like zac efron are more likely to be made fun of if he wore nail polish,etc.

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