I’m a bit of a flirt – so what?

Is it wrong for Xangans who have significant others to be a little flirty for fun on here? Most of you who are regular readers of mine know that my girlfriend is also a xangan “TheSeventhRhapsody” and yes she knows what I’m like.

But there have been a few times she’s gotten messages from girls on here calling me out, saying that I’m flirting either with them or someone else. I didn’t ask who these people were.

Honestly I’m having a little fun. I don’t expect to or even want to get anywhere with anyone on here. I would never cheat, I never have in the past and I’m certainly not going to start now. But I do like to have a little innocent fun here and there. I don’t ever play a flirt in private messages but I do say some crass and sexual things here and there publicly.

I understand that girls are looking out for each other. That’s cool.  But honestly you don’t have to worry about me. If I say something flirty it’s because I’m just having some fun. I’m not going behind my girlfriends back and the two of us are honest with each other about everything.

Ok, now that all of that is said. Her and I are looking for a nice female to join us in some sexual fun, so if you’re interested, fill out the application below. ;)

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  1. it’s ok. In real life my brother won’t invite me to any parties claiming I “Flirt with every girl” and it embaresses him. I am who I am no matter what. 

  2. Ha Ha, why not, if she dosen’t care. Flirty is basically how the world runs for fun ppl, it brings a smile to everyone’s face and teaches you how to be witty. Every really fun person I know is a bit flirty.

  3. @openmindedgirlk – That is so true, my best friend is one of the funnest people you’ll ever meet, and she’s super flirty… I need to be more like her in that sense…

    I think its okay, but there just needs to be a line where it stops… What if these girls you’re flirting with falls head over heels for you? You never want to go so far to where they think you might actually like them… The problem I see with my friend is that she leads on too many guys and always has to break someones heart.

  4. your blog about breaking up with your gf was a hoax? or is this a new gf? your gf is okay with an open relationship?

    anyway if you’re both okay with it then yeah, flirting can be fun.

  5. @roxics – Some girls like complicated… Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of girls liked complicated…

    anyways, I’m not saying your flirting is bad or anything… It’s healthy. Especially if you’re talking to someone and tell them they have a beautiful smile. That will brighten their mood and make them feel better about themselves, and we all need that sometimes…

    I just think its a bad thing when a person starts leading the guy/girl on, because then feelings are hurt.

  6. @aqua_aiko – No we got back together. I was just being stupid and we broke up for a few days. We’re not in an open relationship. We’re just both very sexual and want to have some fun with another woman if we find the right one. It’s not open relationship, it’s something (someone) we’d do together. But we’re not sure anyone can handle us. ;) 

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