If I were a church going Christian, I’d be Catholic

Why? Well they have the coolest churches and all the mythology with the hierarchies of angels and demons.

I really don’t like all these modern southern baptist churches and happy-go-lucky televangelist style preachers in their fancy modern suits, bake sales and goody two-shoes sing-alongs. If I’m going to go Christian than give me something old and gothic. Let me wear robes and burn incense and view grotesque artwork of the wrath of God on sinners. Let me speak cool phrases in Latin and attend exorcisms. I mean lets really get into it if we’re gonna go do it. Religion is all about show anyway, why not belong the biggest show out there.

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  1. I was “raised” (as minimally as possible) Lutheran and always found it boring.  Catholics’ve got those beautiful churches and art, not to mention all those saints, angels, and demons (with very cool names, I might add).  The Catholic mythology has brought us things like Hellblazer/Constantine and the aforementioned Supernatural, so out of the Christian sects I’d have to say they’re my favorite :)

  2. you can have that…or you can be orthodox. cooler than catholic churches, have amazing, intricate, artwork, and are more liberal yet still retain their ridiculous traditional rituals. what more would you want?

  3. Yeah, I think if you’re going to be religious, you should go all into it. I was raised Catholic and we never had to learn Latin, but then my father isn’t Catholic. I always thought that if both my parents were the same religion I would have been more devout, but when my dad sat home on Sundays it was sort of like, “well, how come Dad’s not going?” and then I realized you had the option to not believe and so eventually I didn’t.

    But yeah I don’t like those modern churches that are just in tents or big plain white buildings. I mean some of the Gospel music is cool, but I feel like a church should have stained glass and towers and stuff like that. Not that I’ve been to church in several years, but if was going to go, I’d want it to look like a church.

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