I love you gay

So last night my girlfriend was telling me about this episode of the Tyra Banks show. It was about Bromance (two straight guys who are really close). Anyway she was saying that there were these guys who would hold each others hand and kiss each other on the cheeks. Then there was these guys who were planning on buying matching Tiffany rings for each other. I didn’t see the show, this is just what she told me.

If you ask me, that’s all gay.  I mean really gay, like.. I love you gay. I can totally understand two guys just needing to suck cock. Completely understandable. Maybe they just haven’t been scoring with the ladies or they just want to try something new. Like a different flavor. So they say “hey, we should jerk each other off” or “hey, we should suck each other off” or “Hey, you should let me cum in your ass.” Because guys are horny as fuck and women are so temperamental about giving it out. Most guys can’t just meet a girl and take her home for a fun friendly fuck. So I’m actually a little surprised this whole male sexual experimentation thing isn’t more common. Considering those circumstances it’s pretty surprising that women are more open about just kissing and doing things with other women.

But anyway. You get my point. So to me it’s completely understandable when guys just want to fool around with each other. In fact I even have a hard time calling it gay, because generally these guys aren’t gay. They’re just horny and given the choice they’d probably take a woman if they could 99% of the time.

But these guys who claim they’re straight and buy each other Tiffany rings and hold each others hands. That’s fucking gay! There’s nothing wrong with being gay. But at least admit it. Because to me that’s a hell of a lot gayer than putting your friends dick in your mouth. 

So ladies, would you rather find out that your boyfriend gave his buddy a blow job or that they walk around holding each other hands donning matching Tiffany rings?

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  1. I think girls would be more willing to give up the booty if we didn’t get looked down on. Nobody wants to be thought of as easy or taking about for having to many partners. The good ol’ double standard takes effect. I would def rather him blow another guy. I agree buying each other Tiffany rings is pretty gay.

  2. I can understand being really close to someone and certain feelings developing accordingly. I think this slips into a whole nother realm. To answer the question, neither is appealing. I guess the second would be kind suspect. Almost like there’s a lot of denial going on.

  3. I just saw that show yesterday.  Those guys that were gonna buy matching Tiffany rings..  If I was the girlfriend of one of those douchebags, I’d fucking leave.  

  4. ” So I’m actually a little surprised this whole male sexual experimentation thing isn’t more common.”

     I think that it actually is fairly common, but there’s enough of a straight-man stigma against “gayness” that they don’t talk about it. I mean, there’s gay guys, there’s bisexual guys, and there’s straight guys who want to be seen as “all man” and to whom “all man” means, well, you boink girls instead of guys. Admitting to guy-guy experimentation would undermine their guy-ness or something. I dunno, you’re the man, I’ll leave it to you to analyze the male sexual mind with more accuracy.

    Anyway, experimentation is all fun and good and all that, but I think that once you’re in a fairly serious relationship with someone, you shouldn’t be buying Tiffany rings or anything like that. If I found out that my boyfriend had given his buddy a blow job in the past, I’d be okay with that, as long as he wasn’t doing it anymore, because I’m into the monogamy thing. If I’d found out he’d bought his best friend a ring? Well that’s just weird. I think we’d have to have a long chat about that….

  5. Both choices suck, honestly. And I consider both choices as gay. And I feel like people are using the “bromance” excuse more and more just to hide their homosexuality.

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