I Hate Classmates.com

I don’t come across a ton of websites I genuinely hate, but classmates.com is one of them. So you sign up, you put your shit on there and they send off emails whenever anyone from your class does anything. Like view you or send you messages.


So they lure you in by saying you got a message, but the sender is blurred out and you have to pay to see who is was. Alright I get it, the company that runs it has to make money somehow. But I can’t understand how a company like Google can make a zillion dollars giving stuff away for free by just selling advertising, yet other sites like classmates.com can’t seem to do the same. I have nothing against the concept of premium memberships, but some websites draw the line so low that you can’t do anything without being premium. It’s enough to piss you off more then make you pay.

I’m just going to delete myself from the site. The suspense of wondering who sent me a message isn’t worth paying the price to find out and supporting such a ridiculous business model.

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  1. Classmates dot com

    They are headquartered out here. When doing the fire inspection on their building they are overhead making a lot of jokes about being a leading cause of divorce. Seems a huge number of old flames hook up off of that site. And that is were they make their money. It is not obvious on classmates. But sex is one of the few things than makes a web surfer pay money, for what they really can find for free.

    Classmates sells sex with old flames. And they do it without ever really saying that is what they offer. Not that everyone is doing that, but a lot of those willing to pay are.

  2. Doesn’t Facebook have basically the same function (for free)?

    I get all kinds of spam from Classmates.com.  Someone used my e-mail address I guess, because they think I’m some French chick named Julie (not even close).  I just delete everything they send me.

  3. @trunthepaige – So they are a pseudo dating site. I didn’t know that. I guess that makes sense. They sound like assholes though.

    Thanks. I decided I needed an updated picture. My buddy Josh say’s it’s very James Bond of me, but I think it’s kinda sci-fi in a way. lol

    @LadyLibellule – Yeah I was going to make reference to facebook since that’s how facebook started, universities. Of course facebook does it the right way, it’s free and the they make their money off of advertising.

    @lizheartshakespeare – That’s exactly how I feel. As my friends and I say “anybody we want to talk to from high school, we pretty much already talk to”

    @Xx_Kittt_xX – I guess people do. I joined just to show people I’m not a dork anymore. But I guess I still am. lol

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